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The weather is finally turning around and I’m a happy camper today!  Although there are currently wind gusts of up to 50 mph, the sun is out and it’s in the 50’s, so I’ll take it!  I have a long run of 9 miles scheduled tomorrow and it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 50’s again, so you can bet I’ll be giving the treadmill the cold shoulder this weekend and will be running outside!

I’ve written about this before, but I’m still struggling with staying on track on the weekends.  I do really well during the week, my weight starts creeping back down, and then I just totally lose control of myself on the weekends by indulging in too much stuff that’s not good for me.  EVERY weekend.  It’s one thing to occasionally let yourself indulge in a treat, but getting off track every weekend is just not healthy and I’m fed up and need to figure out a way to change this horrible habit!

My oldest daughter requested recently that I start up a Facebook group for our family; a place where we could post our workouts, encourage each other, share healthy recipes, etc.  It’s been really great and I think it’s really helped motivate all of us to exercise and be more healthy.  (Nothing like a little friendly competition among family, right?)  Today I told my family that as of today, for one whole month, on the weekends I will not have more than two alcoholic drinks the entire weekend, and I’ll only eat foods that are on my Daily Dozen list.

I also belong to a Facebook group of women who are all trying to get healthier and lose weight.  It’s a secret group and recently some of us shared “before” photos of ourselves.  Wow, talk about humbling.  Nothing like seeing yourself half-naked in a photo to motivate you to want to make some big changes.

This is what works for me – accountability.  It’s what got me through my marathon training, even though there were countless times I wanted to quit and told myself I couldn’t do it.  Everyone I know knew that I was planning on doing a marathon, so there was no way I was going to tell people that I quit.  Even during the marathon, I wanted to quit, but all I could think about was how people were going to be so happy and excited for me when I finished.  Telling them I quit was just not an option.  Besides, I worked hard training for that marathon and even if I had to crawl across the finish line, I was going to finish.

But I digress.  My point is, I’m hoping that by putting my goals out there, by putting my photos out there, that I’ll be able to take care of myself every day and not just during the weekdays.

And, no, I won’t be posting my “before” photos on this blog.  The “after” photos, however?  Perhaps!

How do you keep yourself on track?  I’d love to hear what motivates you to stay on the healthy track!

8 thoughts on “Accountability

  1. I know how you feel: I do so good during the week and then I snack on too much candy and chocolate and chips on Saturdays and Sundays. I’m trying to curb the habit, but I think it takes baby steps to do so. Right now the rule is that I can make one small bowl of snacks and try my best not to refill. Good luck with your endeavor!! 🙂

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  2. I am struggling with weekend bad eating too. I used to believe it was alcohol but lately I’ve discovered that I just can’t control it! I’m trying to train for a 5 mile run in March and Half Marathon in April. I’m discouraged with myself. I’m heavier than I was when I ran my first marathon. I’m not sure how to get on track. Good luck on your 9 miler today!


    1. Charlotte- You’ve had a lot of stress in your life lately, so I’m wondering if that’s part of your struggles? I know that when stressful things are going on in my life, I make more unhealthy choices and it’s harder to get out the door for my runs. Once things calm down for you, you’ll be back on track! It won’t be long and we’ll be starting our marathon training! Wow, it’s hard to believe, but I can’t wait to train with you (even if it’s just virtually)!

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      1. You are right, my stress is effecting everything. I really hate feeling weak and not able to snap out of this. I never give up!! I’m inspired by your 10 miles today. I’m super excited to virtual train with you

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  3. Oh, I have a before and after photo on my blog on Tuesday. Having both is incredibly motivating, so I hope you took a before photo even if you never post it!

    I wish anyone in my family cared enough to share that sort of stuff on FB (then again, my siblings aren’t even on FB, and I wasn’t til a couple of years ago). Sounds like a marvelous idea!

    Weekends are hard. I don’t drink, so I have that going for me, but boy I love to bake and that can definitely derail my efforts.


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