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Facebook hiatus

TGIF!  Let’s get this party started! Wait.  It’s raining.  And I still have to get through a day of work.  But we’re almost there, friends!  Hang in there! I made the announcement on Facebook yesterday that I’m taking a break.  Ugh, the drama and politics.  Every now and then I just have to walk away. … Continue reading Facebook hiatus

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Gratitude 8-19-18

First of all, I’m so grateful for all of the words of love and support that I received for my last two posts.  It’s a scary thing, putting yourself out there, being honest and sharing things about yourself that put you in a vulnerable place.  But if sharing these things makes a positive impact on… Continue reading Gratitude 8-19-18

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This past weekend I participated in a free self-defense class that was organized by our local police department.  One hundred and fifty women showed up for the class, which for our community, is a huge turnout.  We learned lots of tips and self-defense moves that will help us to survive, God forbid, if we are ever in… Continue reading Empowerment