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Social Distancing Day #9

How is everyone doing?  I hope that you’re all safe and healthy and practicing social distancing.  I started working from home this past week.  Guys, it’s been 9 days since I have left our house, and honestly, I’m totally fine mentally.  I feel like the introvert part of me has been training for this my whole life!  As long as I have internet, I can get my workouts done and stay caught up on my favorite shows.  Most importantly, I can stay connected with friends and family.  I have a pile of books to read, and I recently purchased a set of colored pencils to practice my drawing skills.

David continues to go to work.  He and I took this next week off several months ago.  We thought we could take a short trip somewhere warm or just have a staycation and get some projects done around the house.  Because of the COVID-19 virus, we are getting some projects done around the house in lieu of a warm, sunny getaway.  Today we are painting and reorganizing our workout room.  Next will be doing the same with the mud room.  We’ve gone back and forth about whether to just sell the house and downsize, since the house is way too big for us now that the kids have grown and moved out, but we have a lot of great memories in this house and we’re not quite ready to leave, so for now we’re updating some things.

I finished the 21 Day Fix Extreme workout program today.  Looking back, if I had known this program was as challenging and advanced as it was, I would have went with the original 21 Day Fix program, but I’m so glad that I stuck with the extreme version.  I was pushed way past my comfort zone and I definitely set the bar higher for myself!  This program involves a lot of jumps, lunges and squats with weights, a resistance band, and resistance loops.  The program is shot in “real time” which I love because I felt like I was in an actual live class.  The trainer is Autumn and I love her enthusiasm and motivational words and the cast was funny and engaging.  If you’re looking for a program to challenge you and elevate you to a higher fitness level, I would highly recommend this program!


Here is the workout schedule.  Note that there were three days that I missed due to my colonoscopy.  Also, I just want to note that I lost 3 pounds during this 3-week program!


Next up is 10 Rounds, which is a brand new program involving boxing and strength training.  I received my starter kit just in time to start tomorrow!


I’m super pumped about starting this 6-week program and I’m also happy that David will be doing this program as well!  It will be the perfect distraction to help us deal with the craziness that is infecting our world right now!

Of course, social distancing means more drinking wine at home, which I’m totally okay with!


How are you all coping out there?

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay positive, and may your glass always be full,



One thought on “Social Distancing Day #9

  1. I am 2/3 through a half marathon training plan. A few more weeks & I will do one. Party of one. We have a great trail and if we do not get any more snow that is where I will do it. Exercise keeps me sane & calm. I am still going to the office but this week we start our 4 day work week. I also have a Total Gym. We are homebodies so this time hasn’t been terrible. Looking forward to spring and spending more time outdoors.

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