Small pleasures

Since Kayla’s cancer diagnosis, our lives are completely different. Our day-to-day routine has become a new normal for us.  Things that we’ve taken for granted before have now become small pleasures that we savor.  There are so many things that I could bitch about.  This whole thing sucks, as anyone can imagine.  But I don’t want to focus on what sucks.  Kayla still has six long weeks of chemotherapy to get through, and then we’ll have an agonizing month after that to find out if her cancer is gone, so to waste energy on bitching and complaining is unproductive.  Despite the hell we’re going through, there are beautiful gifts that we’re given every day.  Here are the things I’m cherishing:

  1. Sunshine and fresh air.  When you spend so much time cooped up in a hospital room, being outside is a treat.
  2. Homecooked food.  Iowa City has lots of great restaurants, but eating take-out every day gets really, really old.
  3. Visits from family and friends.  Sitting around all day in a hospital room is boring and often lonely.  Visits from family and friends break up the monotony. Seeing a smiling face, getting a hug – these things are priceless.
  4. A good night’s sleep.  Sleep at a hospital is difficult.  Sleeping in your own bed at home is heaven.
  5. Eating popcorn and watching a movie that makes me laugh.
  6. Seeing Kayla finish up a medication, making it one less in the many pills that she has to take each day.
  7. A fresh cup of coffee made in my own kitchen.
  8. Cuddling on the couch with my dog, Lillie.
  9. Hearing Kayla talk and laugh as she Skypes with friends.
  10. Grocery shopping.  I used to HATE grocery shopping (I loathe shopping, in general).  But grocery shopping means getting out of the house.  It means that I’m getting food to cook at home.  Which means that Kayla is home and not in the hospital.
  11. Going to work.  Never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I miss work.  I miss my co-workers.  I miss the work that I do.  Being able to go to my office, even if it’s just a couple of days a week, is good.
  12. Clean laundry.
  13. A good book.
  14. A Netflix marathon.
  15. Hugs.
  16. A glass of wine.
  17. A hot shower.
  18. Hearing a song that makes me want to dance.
  19. A meal out alone with my husband. I miss date nights.  We need one soon!
  20. Exercise.  I’ll admit, this isn’t a regular part of my day right now, so when I’m able to work out, I love it!

Little things. But so vital.  It motivates me to get up each morning and face whatever the day brings.

Courage for Kayla.

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