A good week

Kayla completed her seventh week of chemotherapy on Friday with another round of 5-day inpatient treatment.  Her white blood cell count is back up, thanks to the Neupogen injections she received the week before.  Unfortunately, this meant that she didn’t have to have a private room and so she had a roommate all week.  Rest in a hospital is hard enough when you’re in a private room, but when you have a roommate who requires lots of care?  Well, let’s just say that we’re all still trying to catch up on sleep!

Despite that, Kayla had a pretty good week.  The nurses know Kayla really well now, and they know her nausea medication schedule and are awesome about staying on top of things to keep Kayla’s nausea at bay.  We were home by 1:00 p.m. on Friday.  Kayla had a relatively good day yesterday.  The week of chemo wipes her out and so her energy level is zapped, but otherwise she is able to eat and drink normally.  We are taking her in for IV fluids at the hospital later this morning; she’ll go up to the unit, have a liter or two of fluids, and then she’ll get to go home.  The doctors want to try this in order to hopefully avoid the fainting and dehydration she’s experienced after the last two inpatient treatments.

We tried something different for the week’s hospital stay.  We are getting pretty sick of takeout and hospital cafeteria food, and so we brought a cooler filled with healthy snacks and food.  Each night my husband went home while I stayed with Kayla and the next day he would bring the cooler with stuff for us to eat throughout the day.  I would go home in the afternoon for a shower and change of clothes, and then I would make something for us to eat for dinner.  It worked out really well and not only did it save us money, but I think we felt better, too.  I think that Kayla really enjoyed having some cooked food from home.

Things that I’m grateful for this week:  An uneventful week of treatment for Kayla; the oncology nurses (one of them even painted Kayla’s nails); the people who took the time to come and visit; an uninterrupted night of sleep in our own beds; beautiful fall weather; sitting around the fire pit with our friends, enjoying S’mores; vegan marshmallows; Sunday morning pancakes.

Only five weeks of treatment to go.  Courage for Kayla!

5 thoughts on “A good week

  1. Glad to hear the week went well (in relative terms). I truly believe that a good home cooked meal can make all the difference in how you feel and your attitude, so I think it’s great that you’ve been bringing food from home! Best wishes.

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  2. Tammy, you must think I’m awful for not even acknowledging this ordeal you are going through, but today is the first day I have even learned of the situation. (Since I upgraded my iPad, I haven’t been able to access my reader on the WP app and have not kept up with it as much.)
    Rest assured, I will add your daughter and your entire family to my daily prayers.

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