My new running shoes came yesterday!  I got the Brooks Ghost.  Aren’t they cool?  All of my running shoes have been Brooks.  They have all been comfortable, dependable shoes, and so I figure, why change a good thing?  And so I continue to buy this brand.  These are my first pair of Ghosts.  The reviews on these shoes are great, so I hope that they’ll serve me well.

Of course, as soon as I got home from work and saw that my new shoes had arrived, I had to try them out for a run!  My legs were still tired from the run the night before, but when I get new shoes, there’s no way I’m waiting to try them out!  About less than a mile into my run, I really thought that it would be a short run.  As I said, my legs were tired, it was really windy outside and the first half of my run was spent running against the wind.  I was struggling.

But then……this song came on:


And this song:


There was no quitting for this chick.  I finished that 3-mile run!

What songs get you pumped up on your run?  I’m always looking for suggestions!

5 thoughts on “Happy!

  1. Guess what I am doing tomorrow! Buying new athletic shoes! I am not a runner but I walk as much as I can in nice weather–sanity check! i have all-purpose shoes but I am going to buy some serious cross-trainers or walking shoes so I can get out on that pavement. If your feet aren’t happy, you aren’t happy.

    And I love this song–so high energy:


  2. I’m a Brooks girl too 🙂 I started out in the Ghost 3s (went through 4 pairs of those), then the 4s, then switched to the PureFlow 2s and found my “perfect” shoe. I’m on my 4th pair of PF2s which I alternate with the ST Racers (also Brooks) and Newton Distance U. I also occasionally wear the Pure Connects, but they are a bit too narrow for my feet.


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