Awesome running day!


Yesterday was a gorgeous day!  Although I had plans to do some stuff around the house, the outdoors was calling me and so I headed outside for a run!  By the way, I wish I was better at taking selfies!  I envy those who always look cute in their selfies.  I always feel awkward when I take them.  Oh well, maybe I’ll get better with time.

Anyway, my plan was to run 5 miles.  However, it ended up being one of those awesome running days.  You runners know the kind of awesome I’m talking about.  You know as soon as you start running that it’s going to be a good run.  Your legs and lungs feel good; you feel like you could run forever!  About a mile into the run I decided that it was going to be a 10K kind of day.  And here’s how I ended up:


Yes, I run slow, but no, I don’t care.  I ran 6.21 miles!  Awesome!

Today is my rest day and so I plan on doing that stuff around the house that I planned on doing yesterday.  I’m so glad I decided to skip that stuff and go for a run instead.

One thought on “Awesome running day!

  1. That is awesome you ran that far. Time definitely doesn’t matter, because you are awesome and ran 6.21 miles!


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