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Facebook hiatus

TGIF!  Let’s get this party started!


Wait.  It’s raining.  And I still have to get through a day of work.  But we’re almost there, friends!  Hang in there!

I made the announcement on Facebook yesterday that I’m taking a break.  Ugh, the drama and politics.  Every now and then I just have to walk away.  When I come back, I’ll once again clear out some pages I follow; go through the friends list and clean house a bit.  I just want Facebook to be a positive place, like it used to be when it first started.  Remember at the beginning of Facebook when there were stickers and lists of your “Five Favorite ________” (fill in movies, TV shows, albums, etc.)  I loved that.  It was also fun catching up with friends that I hadn’t seen in years.  We’d send long messages to each other and catch up on our lives.   It’s still the best part of Facebook, I think.  Reconnecting with people, seeing what they look like now, what they’re up to.

Sadly, Facebook has become much more than that these days.  EVERYTHING is posted on Facebook and it is INFORMATION OVERLOAD.  Although I try to censor my newsfeed to make it as positive and uplifting as possible, I still can’t filter out the negative stuff.

“Just keep scrolling.”

“Ignore the negative stuff.”

“Whatever you do, don’t read the comments!”

Simple advice to follow, right?  And yet, I’m scrolling, scrolling, and just can’t help myself when I run across an interesting headline, which I read and it ultimately gets me pissed off, and then I start reading the comments because I seriously can’t be the only one that feels this way, right??

Ugh, it’s addictive and toxic and I just have to take a bit of a break.

I’ll still be on Instagram.  Instagram just seems like a safe, positive space right now.  Not everyone is on there, and the accounts I follow are mainly cute puppies, vegan food posts, and workout stuff.  I get my warm fuzzies from the puppy posts; I feel inspired to eat healthier and to work out more.

You can follow me on Instagram at tammy.digmannsmith

I post photos of food, beer, wine, and our dogs.  I hope that my photos bring inspiration and warm fuzzies!

I’m looking forward to a fun weekend!  We are planning on going to a blues festival with friends and I’m hoping to squeeze in a bike ride or hike as well.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Disclaimer:  I will continue to share my blog posts on Facebook and will read the comments.  I believe that many of my readers access my blog posts via Facebook.


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