Nothing compares 2 u

I’m still in shock.  I still can’t believe that he’s gone.  He was a musical icon.  He was a musical genius and there will never, ever be another artist like him.

Prince has died.

Music has always been a huge part of my life.  My earliest memories are of listening to music.  Growing up, I was always holed up in my room listening to music for hours.  Music was my escape.  Music was how I celebrated.  Music was my hobby.

The music that came out of the 80’s will forever and always be my favorite decade of music.  So many great bands and artists are from that era – Journey, Duran Duran, Van Halen, Madonna….too many to list.  But my first love, my first obsession from that era?  Of course, it was Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson was my first real celebrity crush.  Wasn’t he for most girls who grew up in the 80’s?

And then…..Prince came along.  It was my freshman year of college; I was finally able to get away from home.  I was embarking on a new adventure.  But the shy, introverted part of me was terrified!  I wouldn’t know anyone in college.  What would I do?  I was so scared. What brought me out of my shell?  Prince’s music!  I made some really great friends that year and my fondest memories are of us gathering in someone’s dorm room and blasting the soundtrack from Purple Rain.

Purple Rain.  Oh my God, that album.  Still one of the best albums in music history.  To this day, I can listen to the album cover to cover.  It just doesn’t get old.

And what was it about Prince?  How could he replace my beloved Michael Jackson in my heart?  I’ll tell you what it was – sexuality.  Every lyric, every dance move, every guitar solo that he did oozed sexuality.  I remember that all of the guys would make fun of us girls for loving Prince.  He was like what?  5’3″ in those heeled boots of his?  But he was sexy!  And his music spoke to our generation.  Not only did he take on sex, but he also wasn’t afraid to tackle any kind of social issue.  Prince wasn’t afraid to say fuck you to society, the music industry or authority.  He did his own thing; he had his own kind of music, his own kind of fashion.  He gave me the courage to be my own person through his music.

There will never be another artist like him.  No one will ever be able to replicate him.  And that’s why I’m grieving.  I had always hoped to see him perform live.  He has been recently touring and I had hoped that he would come somewhere close and that I’d finally be able to see him in concert.  Now that won’t happen.

Yesterday when I got home from work I sobbed.  I had been holding it in since hearing the news of his death, so when I got home and had privacy, I cried.  My daughter, Kayla, got home and she and I found my Purple Rain CD and we played it.  We danced to I Would Die 4 U and Baby I’m a Star, and then we sang to the anthem Purple Rain and I cried and she cried with me.  My girls grew up listening to this music.  They love 80’s music.  I think it was one of the best parenting moves I ever made.  Then my husband got home and he came over and asked me if I was okay and gave me a hug because he knew I’d be grieving.  He knew how much I loved Prince.

Yesterday I grieved.  Today I will celebrate.  Prince has left us with his music.  He will never be forgotten.

Did you know that if you look up his music on Spotify or You Tube, his music has been removed?  I’m not sure what the reasoning is for that, and so sadly, I’m not able to post a favorite video in tribute.  So instead, I’ll post one of my favorite songs that he wrote.

Dear Prince, nothing compares 2 u, but thanks to you, we will all party like it’s 1999.

Nothing Compares 2 U

7 thoughts on “Nothing compares 2 u

  1. Beautifully sad. Prince was all those things to me. I grew up in the south. It took southerners a little longer to embrace many changes in the world musically. A sexy, black androgynous singer dressed in purple and lace. But I remember everyone loving purple rain. I too had people texting me if I was ok. I was not. My heart was broken. His music got me through of the worst times in my life. Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing

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  2. I don’t ever remember seeing his music on Spotify though or others. I think he took great pains to keep his music off the internet. I read something about that a few months ago.


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