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Current workout program

Good morning! I hope you’ve been enjoying your long weekend. Mine has been great! I watched some college football and ate too many unhealthy snacks on Saturday, had brunch yesterday with the family and ate way too much food, enjoyed the nice weather in the backyard with my husband, drank some cocktails and learned how to play dominoes. Today I got in a great workout and will spend the rest of the day enjoying some more beautiful weather. I’m going to enjoy this summer weather while it lasts. Fall is quickly approaching and I’ll be sad for summer to end.

I’m on week four of a hybrid of two of my favorite workout programs, LIIFT4 and 9 Week Control Freak. A hybrid combines workouts from different programs, which I love because it gives you a different variety of workouts. You get the benefits of more than one trainer and style of workouts.

It has been 10 weeks since my surgery and slowly, but surely, I’m gaining my strength back. I could easily get frustrated because I’m back to using lighter weights, when before my injury I was using the heavier weights, but I know this is a process and if I stay consistent and keep working, I’ll get to the level of strength I was at pre-injury. Plus, the last thing I want to do is injure myself again, so I’ve let the healing process play out and I’m feeling really good.

We are going on vacation next week and the nice thing about Beachbody on Demand is that you can do your workouts anywhere, so I’ll try to get in a few workouts while on vacation. Once I return from vacation, I’d like to start a new program to challenge myself, but I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet. Perhaps I’ll do another hybrid program.

In addition to the hybrid workout program, I’m also getting in a couple of rides a week on the spin bike. I really love our bike from MyxFitness. The trainers are a lot of fun and I never thought I’d ever get the same cardio experience that I got from running, but these bike workouts are on the same level as running (without the knee pain!) And soon people will be able to purchase a version of the bike that comes loaded with Beachbody on Demand, which is really cool!

My goals for the week include slaying my workouts, drinking plenty of water and eating lots of veggies, protein, and fruit, and getting plenty of sleep. I’ll also get ready for our trip.

My goals for the week will NOT include crash dieting so that I lose a few pounds before our trip OR worrying about what I’m going to look like in my swim suit. Screw that.

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What are your goals for the week? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

May your glass always be full,


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