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Let’s Get Up! Review

Today I wanted to give my review of Shaun T’s latest Beachbody workout program, Let’s Get Up!

Let’s Get Up! is a 4-week, 6 days a week program that incorporates dance moves, along with two days dedicated to strength training. The program is designed for beginners, but anyone can work up a sweat and build strength with this program.

Disclaimer: I was only able to do the first two weeks of the program because of my neck injury. Although this program is low impact and there are no floor exercises (e.g. sit-ups, planks, burpees), the dancing and lifting of light weights were aggravating my neck symptoms, so I had to stop. But as soon as I’m healed and get the all-clearance from my doctor, I’m going to do this program from start to finish. You’ll see why below.

First of all, I was reluctant to start this program because I thought it would be too easy and I’d lose the muscle and strength I’ve gained with the more advanced programs I’ve been doing. After day 1, though, I knew I’d be getting a great workout from this program. It’s a lot of cardio, but every workout includes a “toning” section (hello legs!) and Shaun T throws in a “moment of Insanity” where he does some moves from his legendary Insanity program. By the end of each workout, I was sweating! Each week there are two days of strength training, and you’ll need some light to medium weight dumbbells (use the light, trust me!)

Most of all, though, this program is FUN! The music is fun, the dance moves are fun, and Shaun T delivers a positive, uplifting message each day. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to do this program. The moves are repetitive enough that anyone can catch on and even if you don’t – WHO CARES? You’re in your own home; no one’s going to see you! It’s all about moving your body and having a good time doing it! You guys, I’ve never smiled so much while working out!

I was just so bummed that I couldn’t finish this program. However, that still doesn’t prevent me from highly recommending this program. It’s perfect for everyone, no matter your age, size, or fitness level! As soon as I’m ready, the program will be waiting for me in my workout library!

If you need more information about the program or you’re ready to just start dancing your ass off (um, like literally), just let me know in the comments below! And if dancing isn’t your thing, I’ve got dozens of other workout programs I can hook you up with.

May your glass always be full,


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