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Injuries suck.

Last Thursday morning, I woke up with a painful, stiff neck. Man, I must have slept wrong, was what I thought. I decided to go ahead and do my workout, which was a cardio workout from 4 Weeks of The Prep, and included some burpees and ab exercises. I figured the movement would work out the stiffness in my neck, but instead I ended up feeling worse.

I work in the Orthopedics department, and did go into work that day, so I emailed scheduling and they were able to get me in to see one of the spine specialists the next morning. I’d seen this specialist about four years ago when I herniated a disc in my neck. The pain and stiffness I was experiencing felt different, though, and so the doctor prescribed some physical therapy and a follow-up with him in a month.

Over the weekend, though, I started developing pain in my shoulder and arm and some tingling in my hand. These were symptoms similar to what I experienced four years ago, so on Monday morning I let my doctor know what was going on, he prescribed some gabapentin since that medication helped me significantly with my pain the last time, and he ordered an MRI to have prior to my follow-up appointment with him. On Tuesday, I saw a physical therapist who gave me some exercises to do at home.

Overall, my pain isn’t nearly as bad as it was four years ago. The gabapentin helps control the pain, although it makes me feel drowsy and foggy-headed. I’m able to work out (with permission from both the doctor and the physical therapist); I’m just keeping the exercises low impact and I’m not picking up any heavier weights.

It’s frustrating because I was nearly finished with 4 Weeks of The Prep, I had ordered a pull-up bar station, and was getting excited to start 6 Weeks of The Work. Now, I feel like I’m going backwards and it could take weeks to recover from this injury and I’ll have to build my strength back up to where it was. I was progressing so much and was feeling incredibly strong. My weight was at a healthy place and I was feeling really fit and confident.

This morning I stepped on the scale and I was pretty disappointed with the number. But I’m not surprised. I’ve been eating a lot of unhealthy comfort foods because I’m tired from the medication, and I’m a bit depressed about not being as active as I’d like. I think it’s normal to feel this way and I’m trying not to beat myself up about it. As soon as I’m back to feeling 100%, I know I’ll get back to where I was at before. I’m just having a bit of a pity party for myself, which is silly, since things could be so much worse.

This weekend my husband and I are heading out of town for a long weekend and we’re taking our bikes with us. We’re planning a ride and I’m not sure how many miles I’ll be able to ride, but I’m excited to be going! Plus, I think the weekend will be relaxing and fun and it’s our first getaway since before the pandemic, so the both of us are excited to be going. We’re both fully vaccinated now and we are just ready to enjoy a hotel stay, hit up some restaurants and hang out with good friends. I think it will be good for my mental health and the relaxation and rest will be beneficial as well.

Have a wonderful weekend and may your glass always be full,


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