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Friday Gratitude 4-9-21

TGIF! I always feel grateful when I get to Friday, don’t you? Fridays begin as the last day of the work week and end as the start of the weekend!

This will be the first post in a series I’ll be calling “Friday Gratitude”. It’s a list of things that I’m grateful for and some things that I’m not necessarily grateful for, but for which I’m trying to find the silver lining.

First up, I had to take our puppy, Luna, to the vet yesterday. She is now six months old and was due for her heartworm check, but she also has a health issue and so we had her checked out for that. Since we adopted her, she has had issues with incontinence, but it has gotten worse over the last week. She is potty-trained, so we knew that something wasn’t right. She will be napping or lying around and when she gets up, there will be a wet spot where she has peed. She often licks herself because she’ll have urine dripping out. In addition to worrying that something is wrong, it has been extremely stressful to have urine all over everything – the couch, the floors, ME (since she loves to lay on my lap!). Luckily, the vet doesn’t seem to feel it’s anything serious. Apparently, incontinence can be common with female dogs who have been spayed. It’s a hormonal condition and hopefully with medication, this will clear up in a few weeks. Unfortunately, labs revealed that she also has a minor UTI, so she is on some antibiotics, also. I’m so grateful that it’s nothing serious. I was worried that she might have to have surgery or that there was something wrong with her kidneys.

Next up, last week I decided to give a produce box subscription a try. I’ve seen some people post on Instagram about the fruits and vegetables they were having delivered to their home. I decided to go with Misfits Market. It’s a company that obtains the “ugly” organic fruits and vegetables that grocery stores don’t want because they’re not pretty enough to sell. The prices seemed reasonable and the produce selection looked good, so I ordered my first box. I received it yesterday, a day late, and was extremely disappointed with what I received. The box looked like it had melted on the inside. Several of the items were rotten. When I contacted the company, they refunded me for the items that were inedible, but I immediately cancelled the subscription because I don’t mess around when it comes to my produce. I’m not taking any more chances. I was really bummed, though. The silver lining is that even though it didn’t work out, I still tried something new. And the company’s customer service was great in that they refunded me for the damaged items, no questions asked. Perhaps it was a fluke that I received a bad box, but why take chances. For now I’ll just continue to get my produce from the grocery store.

Finally, I just wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts. I know that social media often gets a bad rap because of all of the hate and negativity, but a while back I cleaned up both my Instagram and Facebook so that I rarely see any kind of negativity because I only follow accounts that post positive and inspirational things. Do yourself and favor and do the same because it really has been a game changer. Also, do yourself a favor and check out the following:

@trainwithjoan – She is a 75(?) year-old fitness trainer who is amazing and inspiring!

@joelfreemanfitness – Joel Freeman is not only my favorite Beachbody super trainer, but he also has a lot of fun, inspiring posts!

@jennifer.garner – Not only is Jennifer Garner one of my favorite actresses, but she is also a wonderful philanthropist. Her posts are always positive, funny, and warm. I especially love her cooking videos.

For cute, adorable animal videos, I highly recommend @tillygthetortoise and @chunk_the_groundhog.

I recently discovered If you’re a Big Bang Theory fan, you’ll know the actor who plays Raj and he posts videos about spirituality and mindfulness. If I ever feel stressed out, I watch one of his videos and feel so much calmer and grounded after.

Finally, I love looking at posts that involve delicious plant-based foods. There is some really beautiful, mouth-watering photography of food on Instagram and two of my favorite accounts are and plantbasedonabudget.

I’m so grateful for the people who use Instagram to inspire people and make them smile and laugh.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: today we’re getting our new stove! We’ve had our stove for a really long time, we think maybe 17 years? So I’m grateful for the years that our old stove gave us, and for having the funds to purchase a new one.

That’s my gratitude list for today. What are YOU grateful for today?

May your glass always be full,


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