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9 Week Control Freak Review

On Sunday I finished my latest workout program, 9 Week Control Freak.

This was probably the hardest workout program that I’ve done since starting Beachbody. So many burpees. So many renegade rows. So much tabata cardio.

My favorite workout of the week was tabata cardio. I loved doing the short bursts of cardio moves, followed by a short rest. DO CARDIO. REST. REPEAT. A LOT. I also loved the moves that we did using the control track with resistance bands. My arms felt shredded by the end of the program.

To sum up the program, you do three days of DCT-T, which stands for Density, Complex, and Tabata Training. For Density, we would do five moves, as many rounds as possible, in an allotted amount of time, which I think was 12 minutes. I’ll admit, I sometimes didn’t catch on to the moves right away, and I felt like Autumn wasn’t always clear about how many reps we were supposed to be doing, but bottom line was that I always finished breathing hard and sweating. Complex would then be a strength training move and this move would progress into several moves into one as we got further into the program. Tabata was as I described above: do a cardio move for 20 seconds and then rest for 10; repeat for 8 rounds. We started out the program doing moves like high knees and step-ups on the step, but by the end of the program we were doing moves like burpees with lunges and star jumps. I’m getting winded and tired just thinking about it!

Another day a week would be Tabata Cardio and the entire workout would be dedicated to the cardio moves. This day would be shorter; we would do 18 minutes of work, but that 18 minutes resulted in a sweat fest! The fifth workout of the week would be Total Body Tone, which is basically what it sounds like. Lots of resistance training using the control track, the ball, the step and dumbbells.

I guess I should mention that the program requires the control track with resistance bands (2 different resistance levels), a rubber ball, and a step. You also need light to medium weights. I’ve done lifting programs where I was up to 30-lb weights for some exercises, but for this program, I never picked up anything heavier than 12s. There were just too many reps at a faster pace to do anything too heavy.

Overall, I lost 5 pounds and 1-1/2 inches from my waist. I definitely gained muscle definition, in addition to just overall increased strength and endurance.

There were a lot of moves during this program that were challenging, but I was doing some stuff that I never would have been able to do in the past. My abs are so much stronger and the amount of burpees that I was able to do? It was crazy! I’ve always struggled with renegade rows, too, but by the end of this program, I had improved a lot on this exercise.

I loved Autumn as a trainer. She has always been one of my favorites, and she did not disappoint with this program. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she always has something inspiring and encouraging to say just when you’re feeling like you’re too tired to do any more reps.

If you’re looking for a program to improve your overall strength and endurance, I would highly recommend this program. The workouts are anywhere from 30-35 minutes, with Tabata Cardio day being under 30 minutes. There are some 10-13 minute bonus workouts included as well, which came in handy for me because I need 45 minutes for my workouts since I’m currently doing 75 Hard. I would usually add on a quick tabata cardio, abs, or upper body workout.

What’s next? This week I’m in between programs, so I decided to do Week 1 of a hybrid program called Beachbody 101, which is an INSANE hybrid that incorporates 32 different Beachbody workout programs. Apparently, one of the Beachbody coaches had a lot of time on his hands because he created a monster of a workout program. Here is what Week 1 looks like:

I’ve never done a P90X workout before. I always felt that I wasn’t strong enough and it would be too advanced for me, but on Monday, I did an upper body workout from P90X3 and I rocked it! It was a ton of push-ups and I’m so pleased with how far I’ve come with my push-ups! I really do think that 9 Week Control Freak helped me a lot with my arm strength! Then today I did a booty workout from another new program for me, 80 Day Obsession, and holy cow, it was 57 minutes long! But it was slower-paced, so I was able to pick up some heavier weights and I really enjoyed it a lot. The rest of the week will be workouts from programs that I’ve never done before, so I’m excited for the challenge.

This is what I love about Beachbody – never a dull moment, never the same workout over and over, lots of variety and TONS of results!

Next week I start a new hybrid program with a few of my team members. We’ll be doing a hybrid program combining 10 Rounds/#mbf/#mbfa. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

If you’d like any information about any of the workouts, shoot me a message in the comments below or send me an email.

May your glass always be full,


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