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75 Hard Update

Today is day 9 of the 75 Hard program! I just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know how things are going. To recap, here are the tasks that I have to complete every day, no exceptions:

  1. I have to follow a diet. I chose to follow a vegan, plant-based diet, with no junk food. According to the 75 Hard rules, I can’t have any cheat meals or alcohol.
  2. I have to do 2 45-minute workouts every day and at least one of the workouts has to be outside. They also can’t be back-to-back workouts.
  3. I have to take a progress pic.
  4. I have to read at least 10 pages from a non-fiction book.
  5. I have to drink one gallon of water.

I’ve completed 8 days so far and the hardest struggle for me has been the outdoor workouts. Guys, the temperatures here in Iowa have been BRUTAL and there were two days where we had a wind chill warning and were told to stay indoors because of the risk of frost bite. And we have so much snow. I think the local meteorologist said that it’s been 42 days straight that we’ve had snow on the ground. I check the 10-day forecast every day with the hope that things will be warming up soon, but it’s going to be really cold for a while. Getting dressed in all of the needed layers and going outside is the hardest part, but once I get moving, it’s not that bad and I’m always happy I did it once I get back home.

Except for yesterday. Yesterday was a rough day. I woke up feeling tired. I was grumpy. I ran late getting ready for work because I was trying to make sure I had everything I would need to keep me warm for my walk during my lunch break. When I got outside for my walk, it was snowing and I realized that I hadn’t planned well and it was a cold, wet, miserable walk. Today, however, was better. While the wind chill was -5 degrees, the sun was shining and that really helped with my mood and energy.

All of the other tasks have been going well. I never thought I’d be able to drink so much water, but it’s not bad as long as I stay on a schedule so that I’m not drinking so much water all at once. I haven’t noticed any changes in my progress pics, but it has only been 8 days, so I’m not expecting anything right now.

I thought Super Bowl Sunday would be hard for me, since normally I would drink alcohol and eat lots of snacks, but the water has really helped with my cravings and appetite, so I was fine. I made a batch of vegan enchiladas and they were delicious and I felt completely satisfied eating those and drinking my water.

Now that I have 8 days under my belt (and most of the tasks completed for day 9), I feel like I can do this for the long haul. As long as I can fight through the hard days like I had yesterday, when I’m just mentally and physically drained, I know I can do this. I have several friends who are doing this with me and they have been extremely inspiring, supportive and encouraging, and I have friends and family who are cheering me on, so I’ve got this!

Also, I ordered some snow pants! I’m so excited! I haven’t had snow pants since I was a kid. They should help to keep me warm and dry, especially if I have to walk during a snow shower again!

I’ll leave you with a photo that I took on Sunday, when we woke up to a wind chill warning and I was worried I wouldn’t get outside for my walk. However, I waited until later in the morning when the temperature was up to a balmy -15 degrees and headed out and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. All of the layers I was wearing kept me warm. (Can you see the ice on my eyelashes?)

May your glass always be full,


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