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Week 1 of 9WCF complete!

Good morning! I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend so far. Ours has been relaxing and uneventful. Luna got her first bath yesterday and did well with it. As she grows bigger, though, she’ll start going to the groomer for a bath just like her big sister, Kali. The two of them are getting along really well. I think Kali really enjoys having a playmate and it’s great to have her here to model good behavior for Luna. Luna is still shy and timid around other people and new situations, but I’m hopeful that this will get better as she gets older.

I completed week one of the 9 Week Control Freak program and the verdict so far is that I love it! Here is a breakdown of the week:

Monday – DCT-T Back & Biceps

Tuesday – DCT-T Chest & Triceps

Wednesday – Tabata Cardio

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – DCT-T Shoulders

Saturday – Total Body Tone

Sunday – Rest Day

DCT stands for Density Complex Tabata. The Density part of the workout is high-intensity training with 5 exercises done on rotation for 12 minutes straight. The Complex part focuses complex movements using 2 body parts at once (like a squat with a bicep curl).  Tabata is a short burst of cardio followed by a short period of rest and repeating this several times.

I love the equipment that is used with this program. We have a resistance track (that you attach to either a door or the wall) and we use a resistance band for strengthening moves. There is a step for cardio and a small ball for core work. We also use dumbbells for strength-training exercises.

The density part of the workout was awkward at first because you’re transitioning from one exercise to the next and the goal is to get through as many rounds as you can before time is up. However, Autumn encourages you not to rush through the moves and focuses instead on maintaining form, so once you get past the fact that you’re not moving as fast as the cast members and just focus on the moves instead, it gets much better.

In addition to exercise, another key element of the program is taking control of our nutrition. I had such a great week with my eating. I wrote down what I ate every day and, with the exception of one beer on Friday night, didn’t drink any alcohol. I feel so much better staying on track. Last night I did overeat and I can tell a difference in how I felt and slept later that night. I made a note of it in my food journal and hopefully I’ll remember this the next time I want that extra helping or two of food!

As I wrote in an earlier post, I’m really trying to change my mindset about food and alcohol, and this program is really helping me with taking better control of my mindset. I’m excited to see what the weeks ahead will bring!

If you’re interested in this program or any other Beachbody programs, let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to chat with you!

May your glass always be full,


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