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Good morning! I hope you’ve had a good week. I admit, this week was challenging for me. Between feeling sad about losing Jasper, some issues at work, the continuing pandemic, and the upcoming election, I’ve been feeling stressed. I’ve been telling myself for years that I need to start meditating to calm my mind, but I could never make it a habit.

Luckily, Beachbody had an answer. Not only have they changed my fitness and diet, but now they are helping me with my mental health. A few weeks ago, they added a meditating program to the library, and finally – FINALLY – I was able to do meditations on a regular basis.

Unstress is a 21-day meditation program. Each meditation is 10 minutes long, so I didn’t have to schedule yet another big chunk of time in my day to do these meditations. I simply did them right after my workouts in the mornings. Just like my workouts, I knew if I didn’t get the meditations done first thing in the morning before getting busy with doing other things throughout the day, they probably wouldn’t get done. Although it’s another thing to do before I get ready for my day, and I had to allow extra time, it was definitely worth it.

Did I experience a complete mind shift? No. Do I walk around all day in a calm, blissful state now? Nah. But like everything else, this will take practice. Just like eating healthy and exercising regularly, reaping the benefits from meditation will not happen overnight. It will take some time, but with consistency, I will get better at stopping throughout the day to breathe, center my focus on my breath, and stop the negative, anxious thoughts that pervade my mind throughout the day.

So tomorrow I’ll start over with day 1 and do the program again. And I’ll keep doing it, over and over. My goal is to reach a point where I won’t need guided meditation and will do it on my own, but for now, I will take advantage of the guidance from meditation experts.

How about you? Do you meditate on a regular basis? If you don’t and you’re interested in this program, contact me and I’d be happy to get you access!

May you have some calm, blissful moments in your day today, and may your glass always be full!


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