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Veg Out Challenge

Hello and happy Friday!  The weekend is almost here!  I do believe we will be able to relax this weekend, since our backyard is now cleaned up and we just have to wait to hear back from our insurance company about garage repairs and fence replacement!

Now that things are back to “normal” (I use that term lightly these days!), I can focus on my two favorite things in life – diet and exercise!  I’m almost done with the 3-week workout program that I’m currently doing and guys, I can’t wait to share my review of the program because it has been A-MAZING!

Nutrition, though, hasn’t been all that great.  I was all set to do a portion fix plan and made it through a week before a derecho decided to throw a wrench into my plans, but that’s life and when you’re faced with detours, you just get right back on the road and continue to move forward!

One thing that I did notice, though, as I was tracking what I was eating that week is that I still don’t get enough veggies into my diet most days and I also tend to eat way too many starchy vegetables (AKA POTATOES).  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with starchy vegetables – ANY vegetable is better than none, but I have found that if I eat too many potatoes, I put on extra weight.

So starting on Monday, I’m going to challenge myself to follow my prescribed portion fix plan by eating six cups of non-starchy vegetables every day.  To get all of those vegetables in, I need to make sure that every meal I eat, including breakfast, is loaded with vegetables.  The challenge will be three weeks long to coincide with a new 3-week workout program that I’ll be starting on Monday.

Throughout the challenge, I plan on posting my meals, along with sharing recipes and tips for meal prepping and planning.  I may even come out of my comfort zone and do some videos!  I realized that I tend to share links to other people’s videos or websites, but you know what?  I’ve learned a thing or two over the last several years of this wellness journey and I think that it’s time I share my knowledge!

Anyone want to join me on this challenge?  I know most of us could use some more veggies in our lives!  I’ll be setting up a group on Facebook so that we can keep each other accountable.  The more the merrier, so let me know and I’ll include you in the group!  You don’t have to eat 6 cups of veggies a day; just set a goal for yourself that will add more vegetables into your diet.

I’m really excited to do this  How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Veg Out Challenge

  1. You know I’m in. I’m rocking the veggies. Now if I could just work out more in the mornings. I thought this running challenge was going to be fun and it has been but now I miss BOD. Can’t wait for September.

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    1. Awesome, you’ll be a great inspiration for me and others in the group with all of your veggie meals! We miss you in our BOD group, can’t wait to have you join us again! 🙂


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