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Review of Barre Blend

Good morning!  We had a wonderful day yesterday.  We had a belated Father’s Day celebration with the kids.  David scored some IPA and we had one last fun day with our blow-up pool, which has too many holes to repair.  Sad face.  The dogs enjoyed the pool as well!

Today is another rest day for me as I recover from the end of the Barre Blend program.  This was an 8-week program that focused on low-impact strengthening and cardio using light weights and moves from the Barre program.


This program was challenging!  Although the moves are often small, they are intense and my core, legs, and arms were on fire!  Throughout the program I used 1- and 2-lb weights, but often had to drop the weights because my arms were burning!  This photo doesn’t do it justice, but guys, my arms are really starting to look more toned and muscular!


I love the trainer, Elise, and her positive, uplifting personality!  It was just what I needed during these stressful, challenging times.  Her affirmations helped my mental strength and helped to curb my anxiety.

I also lost 6 pounds and an additional inch around my belly area!


Also, can we talk about that booty lift? Not bad for a 53-year-old!

Overall, I really loved this program and felt like I gained strength, toned muscles, and flexibility.  It was challenging and even though it was low-impact, I would finish each workout with tons of sweat and sore muscles!

So what’s next?  I’ve decided that I have lots of room to progress and grow with this program, so I’m going to do another round.  However, I’m going to substitute two days a week with lifting days from the 10 Rounds program because I miss lifting and I really loved the lower and upper lifting days from 10 Rounds.  Because I like to work out six days a week, I’ll be doing various cardio and stretching workouts on Saturdays.  Here is my schedule for the next month:

July 2020 workout schedule

I’m really excited to see how I continue to grow and progress!

Finally, I just want to give a shout-out to my husband, who did a fantastic job replacing the flooring in our workout room.  He tore out the old, ratty, smelly carpet and put in some beautiful laminate flooring and I really love it!  The baseboard trim still needs to be replaced and I’d like to get some motivational posters for the walls, and then our workout room will be complete!


May your glass always be full,


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