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A piece of advice

I haven’t written in a couple of weeks.  What’s going on in our world today is a hot mess.  I couldn’t organize my thoughts.  I didn’t want to seem insensitive by not saying anything, but I also didn’t want my thoughts and feelings to come out wrong, so I’ve chosen to sit back, educate myself, do some soul-searching, and try to get my head in a positive mindset.

Can I offer you all some advice?  It’s just my two cents, probably not worth much, but hear me out.

Take a look – an honest look – at what your social media feed looks like right now and while you’re doing that, note how often you’re scrolling through your phone and then gauge your thoughts and feelings as you’re doing that scrolling and reading.

How are you feeling?  Like you want to punch a wall?  Like you want to scream? Or cry?  And then what happens?

Many of us continue to keep reading and keep scrolling.  What in the what?


But guess what?  You can absolutely control what shows up on your social media.  Well, except for those ads of items that you were literally just discussing with someone or only thinking about it in your head.  (Scary, right??)

But I digress…..

I’ll repeat for those in the back of the room:  YOU CAN CONTROL WHAT SHOWS UP ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEED.

If you choose to follow your friends and relatives who do nothing but bitch and moan and share negative, hateful things, then that’s going to get into your headspace.  Even if you don’t necessarily agree with them, those things you’re seeing or reading are microscopic toxic bugs that worm their way into your brain and you can’t help but feel negative, too.

Don’t get me wrong, those people are free to believe whatever they want.  But I don’t have to live in that negative space.  I’m free to leave and go to a more positive space.

I’ve been doing this over the last couple of months – making HUGE changes to who and what I’m following on my social media channels.  I follow fitness people, chefs who prepare healthy dishes, PUPPIES, people who inspire me to be better, PUPPIES, fellow book lovers.

Did I mention puppies?


Trust me, you’re not missing anything if you decide to unfollow that uncle who is always posting negative political stuff or that person you went to high school with who is always complaining about some drama that always seems to be happening.  Notice I said “unfollow” and not “unfriend” because you still love these people, right?  But you don’t have to get caught up in their negativity or drama.  They’re still there if you want to check in to see how they are doing.

I know people that have given up social media altogether and honestly, those people are probably even more better off.  But social media helps me stay connected with my fitness friends, with people who have similar diets and interests as me, and helps inspire me to be a better person.  I just have to be really careful about how I’m letting social media influence me and have to do wellness checks and cleaning up of my social media feed more often.

Do yourself a favor and just try this for a week.  Pay close attention to what you’re looking at, what you’re reading, and how you’re feeling in that moment and if you’re not feeling good, hit that unfollow button.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  The weather here is supposed to be gorgeous and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it.  I hope you’re able to enjoy some sunshine and time with loved ones.

May your glass always be full,




One thought on “A piece of advice

  1. I avoid most social media as well as the news casts (CNN,Fox). Far too much negativity & false information. I enjoy connecting with people with similar interests/lifestyle ideas such as your blog amongst other people. For me, my anxiety and depression improves when I avoid most social media.

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