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10 Rounds Review

Good morning and happy weekend!  It’s supposed to be in the upper 70’s today and I’m so excited to soak in some sun and relaxation.  We are definitely done with winter now, and I’m doing a happy dance.

Guys, I finished the 10 Rounds program yesterday! 20200501_065213

This is a 6-week, 5 workouts a week program led by my favorite trainer, Joel Freeman.  I learned boxing moves, I did conditioning, I lifted two days a week, I did core exercises, and I used resistance loops for the first time.  After each workout, I was dripping with sweat, my heartrate was up, and my muscles would be sore.  It’s a fun program!


The footwork and boxing combinations were difficult to learn, I must admit.  There were times when I would get really frustrated because I couldn’t catch on.  Originally I used my dominant stance (I’m right-handed) which meant that instead of mirroring what Joel and the cast were doing, I had to do the opposite and it was really confusing.  In week 3, I decided to switch my stance to the left-handed so that I could mirror the cast and that seemed to help.

Note:  Now there are “Mirrored” versions of the workouts available.  If I do the program again, I’ll definitely try to do that version.

When I couldn’t catch on to the footwork, I would just do the punching combinations and I would still get an incredible workout.  I loved the lifting days.  I can’t believe the strength I’ve gained over this past year.  A year ago, I started out with 2- and 5-lb weights and this week I MAXED OUT on the weights we have here at home!


Time to buy some heavier weights soon!

And then there were the core exercises at the end of each workout day.  Holy moly!  If I had stayed on track with my eating instead of going into pandemic eating mode over these past six weeks, I would have seen a dramatic change in my abs, there is no doubt in my mind.

However, despite the quarantine wine, Easter candy, and homemade beer bread indulgences, I managed to maintain my weight because of the calories burned in this program.  I’m going to consider that a win!

One of the cool things about this program is that Joel filmed these workouts on the road.  Week 1 workouts were in Los Angeles, week 2 in Las Vegas, week 3 in Dallas, week 4 in Miami, week 5 in Brooklyn, and the final week 6 was in Philadelphia.  And yes, the final workout was filmed at the site of that iconic scene in the movie, Rocky.  (Cue Rocky theme song)

As with past programs, I got a bit emotional at the end of that final workout.  It’s always such a huge feeling of accomplishment when I complete a workout program.

What’s next?  On Monday I’m starting Barre Blend (you can read more about the program here.)  I’m especially excited to be doing this program because I’ll have a group of women joining me!  It will be awesome to have others for accountability and support and I can’t wait to see the end results for all of us!

It’s not too late to join us, by the way!  Just let me know in the comments below if you want more info!

Have a wonderful weekend!  This will be me for the rest of the day.


May your glass always be full,





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