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Week 4? 8? 20? of quarantine

Good Sunday morning to you!  It’s day one hundred thousand million of staying home and social distancing.  It feels that way, doesn’t it?  I’ll be honest, it really hasn’t been that bad for me personally.  I’m generally a home body, and I have really enjoyed working from home.  I enjoy hanging out with the dogs and it’s quiet and I’m able to be productive.  I feel safe and secure here at home and I’m managing to stay connected virtually to friends and family.


That being said, my happy, quiet little WFH world changed in that the hospital where I work as a research administrator had to add more restrictive guidelines for visitors, and therefore, they needed additional help with screening, security, and transporting patients to their appointments.  Our clinical research team, in addition to many others in our department, were told that we would need to help out.  I’ll admit that at first when I found out I would be returning to the hospital to work around patients, I had a lot of anxiety.  But after letting it process in my mind, I realized that so many others have been out there each and every day and so I could do this as well.  It’s not every day, and I feel like I’m doing my part to help out.  So I worked my assigned shift yesterday and transported patients (pushed them in their wheelchairs) to and from their dialysis appointments.  All of the patients were wearing masks and I was provided with a face shield.  Also, the hospital entrances and exits are very limited, so the majority of the people coming in and out were employees.  There was hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE and everyone was giving each other distance.  I felt very safe and I enjoyed meeting the patients.  I also got a lot of walking steps in!

This morning I went to the grocery store and stocked up for a couple of weeks.  I was so happy that fresh berries and salad greens were available, so I’ll be able to eat lots of salads this week!  These past couple of weeks have not been good for me nutritionally, in particular this week.  I haven’t been eating nearly enough servings of fruits and vegetables and I can tell you that my body feels it.  My stomach is not happy and I just haven’t felt myself in general.  The stress and anxiety this week didn’t help, but I’m planning to do much better this week.

I finished week four of 10 Rounds and I continue to love the program, although I’m still struggling with doing the punching combinations and footwork simultaneously!  I’m just not that coordinated, apparently!  But I do the best I can and I still end each workout dripping with sweat and sore.  I told my husband the other day that if I could clean up my diet, I’d probably have a six-pack at the end of this program!  My core has become so much stronger!  But there is also wine.  And cookies being dropped off by our neighbors.  And stress baking.  And carbs.  ALL. THE. CARBS.

But this wellness journey isn’t perfect and who in the world plans on a pandemic in the middle of their journey??  I certainly didn’t.  I’m doing the best I can and as a wise friend of mine advised, letting myself feel all of the feelings and being kind to myself when I feel sad, scared or angry.

Things that I’m grateful for this week:

  1.  My family and friends are still healthy.  I’m healthy.
  2.  I was struggling the last couple of weeks and my fitness community responded with so much love and support and words of advice.
  3. The positivity during this difficult time.  What would we do without the sense of humor of others, funny animal videos, or the music, dancing, and laughter being shared on social media?


And this guy bored with his dogs in quarantine.

How are things on your end?  Are you an emotional roller coaster?  If so, what are you doing to manage those feelings?  I’d love to hear from you!

May your glass always be full,




3 thoughts on “Week 4? 8? 20? of quarantine

    1. I know, I just love that dog video! The guy in the video is a Michigan State football player and those dogs are his life! Hope you’re doing well! I can’t wait to start Barre Blend with you and some other awesome ladies!


  1. Yes I am an emotional roller coaster. I try to start each day with a grateful heart. I make it a point to thank God for the good in my life. I pray for this virus/flu pandemic will end soon & my faith remains strong. Exercise is extremely helpful for both my physical and mental health. I just don’t want to lose hope so I don’t watch much news and focus on family more than ever.


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