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Game Plan

Good morning!  I had a very productive day yesterday.  I worked out, I had tons of energy, and I put a game plan in place for meeting my 2020 goals.

And then today I woke up feeling really sad and anxious.  The fires in Australia are just heartbreaking.  All of the animals that are dying.  All of the people losing their homes with nowhere to go.  I hope that the world pulls together to do whatever they can to help.  I think it will.  There is more good in this world than I think we give ourselves credit for.

Anyway, back to the game plan.  Let’s start with the vision board that I put together:

Vision Board 2020

My goals for the year are to be more positive, drink more water and less alcohol, continue to build more muscle (and remember to eat more protein!), pay off credit card debt, create more art, and do lots of bike rides and hikes.  I put this vision board on my laptop (like literally taped it to my laptop!) so that I look at it every day.

My new planner arrived in the mail, along with a set of stickers.  I’ve bought planners in the past, but never use them on a regular basis, but this year I want to use this thing to help keep my life organized.  I also want to use it to write things down: goals, ideas, dreams, to-do lists.  I get more done when I write things down.  It’s probably an age thing – if I don’t write it down while I’m thinking about it, I forget it two seconds later!  So I’m going to keep this planner with me as much as I can!


Isn’t it pretty?

I started a new workout program yesterday.  I’m still doing Morning Meltdown 100, but I’ve really missed LIIFT4, so I thought why not combine the two?  Here is the schedule I came up with in January:


There are two days a week when I’ll have to do both a LIIFT4 workout and MM100 workout, which will still take me less than an hour to do; otherwise, on the other days, I’ll be alternating the workout programs and working out for 30 minutes a day.  Sundays will be my rest days.  Yesterday I did a LIIFT4 and MM100 workout and it was challenging, but surprisingly I wasn’t tired for the rest of the day and this morning I woke up with just a little bit of soreness.  I’m excited to do this, but if it turns out to be too much, I’ll just go back to doing MM100.

Finally, I wanted to share David’s meal plan for the week.  He injured his back this past week and hasn’t been working out.  He finished his second round of LIIFT4 and is ready to move on to something new.  He thinks he wants to try Insanity Max:30.  He has lost 35 pounds so far!  I’m so happy for him!

Weekly Meal Planner J1.jpg

My meals are pretty much the same every week: smoothies or overnight oats for breakfast, tofu and veggies for lunch, and then usually a vegetarian or vegan version of whatever David is having for dinner.  Last night I made this recipe and it was so fantastic and it made enough for two more meals.  Tonight I’m making this soup and will eat this all week.

Finally, one more bonus pic: my Beachbody haul.  I always love to see a Beachbody box on my porch!

BB haul

May your glass always full,





One thought on “Game Plan

  1. ooo, thank you for that link to the creamy chickpea recipe. I’m going to try that soon. I really admire your lifting and strength training. It is absolutely working. You look amazing and with your hubby losing 35 pounds, that speaks volumes. I am anxious to get back to strength training but my PT says no weights at all until I get 100% mobility back in my shoulder. I’ve still been cross training some and I’m committing to doing more than just running. What can you think of besides lunges, crunches, and squats that I could do?

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