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My morning routine

Good morning!  I hope your week was good!  Mine was extremely busy!  I had a big project at work and the week seemed to go by in a blur.  The project isn’t completed yet, but we made one of the goal deadlines on Friday, so I was really pleased.  This next week will be busy as well, but after that, things will hopefully quiet down before the Christmas holiday.

Despite the busy week, I still managed to maintain my morning routine.  I often get inquiries on how I’m able to work out in the mornings.  Believe me, it wasn’t easy at first!  But now that I’ve been doing it for almost a year, I can’t imagine doing it any differently.


During the week days, I get up at 4:50 a.m.  I know, this sounds terribly early, but I’m in bed each evening by around 9:00, so each night I manage to get around 7-1/2 hours of sleep.  As soon as the alarm goes off, I get up, grab my workout clothes that I set out the night before and I go downstairs with the dogs.  I let them outside to do their business (we have a fenced-in backyard), then I mix up my pre-workout drink, and while the dogs are eating, I drink it.  I then put on my workout clothes and get my workout done.  My workout takes about 30 minutes and then I drink my post-workout shake, have a little coffee while I watch the news, and depending if I’m hungry, I eat breakfast.  Usually, though, if I have a post-workout shake, I’m not hungry.

I pack my lunch and snacks for the day, including a breakfast, because by the time I get to work, I’m hungry!  After packing my food, I shower and dress and head off to work.

Fridays are usually my rest days, so I sleep in a bit later.  On the weekends, I still work out first thing when I get up.  Sundays are usually another rest day, but I may try to get in some walking or stretching.  Later today I’m actually going to a yoga class, which I’m really looking forward to.  It will be a great way to end the busy week and will put me in a relaxed zone for the upcoming week.

This routine works so well for me, I think, because I’m able to do my workout programs here at home.  I don’t have to add on extra time to get in the car, drive to a gym, and then drive home.  Everything is here for me, easily accessible.  I don’t have to go outside in the cold, wintery weather.  I have experienced so many benefits from working out in the mornings.  My workouts are much more consistent.  I have more energy throughout the day.  I haven’t experienced any winter blues this season.

I don’t think that morning workouts necessarily work for everyone; there are people who are able to work out consistently later in the day.  David is one of those people.  I used to be one of those people.  But I found over time that too many things can pop up throughout the day to disrupt workouts, so for me, getting the workouts done first thing means that I can go through the rest of my day knowing that my workout got done.

Hope you have wonderful week!

May your glass always be full,



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