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Highlights of the week 11/25-12/1/19

Wow, can you believe it’s December??  I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday was as wonderful as mine.  I had a 4-day weekend and we spent much of it re-watching the Star Wars movies in the order of story timeline and I hope to have them all watched before the new Star Wars movie comes out on December 20th!

Here are some more highlights of the week:

I’m halfway through Phase 2 of the Morning Meltdown 100 workout program and I really love the workouts!  I think my favorite workout this week was Meltcon.  Every part of my body was on fire!


After wearing the same hairstyle for years, I finally made the decision to do something different and waiting for my hair to grow out has been a true test of patience!  However, if I can hang in there, I think my patience will pay off!  I really love how my hair is looking!

I tried a new plant-based meat product and made burgers out of it and I was really impressed with the taste and texture!  Also, I love that this product is lower in fat than Beyond Meat and also much more affordable!  I will be definitely be trying more of this brand’s products.

I’m absolutely in love with this wine!  I bought it while I was in Branson and I wish I had bought more of it.  It’s a California wine, though, so I’m hoping that I can find it here locally.


Finally, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with our daughters, son-in-laws, and Jack, our step-grandson.  After we ate our meal, we were hanging out, talking, and watching football and the kids decided that we needed to put up the Christmas tree. Jack, especially, was very excited and he is at that age now where he can appreciate the ornaments and is really helpful with the decorating.  It was such a special moment.


It was a great week.  I loved spending time with my family, I got to spend some time with some very dear friends, I ate (a lot) of delicious food, and drank (a lot) of fantastic wine.

Today it was back to the normal routine.  I woke up, did a yoga workout, prepped some healthy food for the week for David and me, and have been eating my normal diet again.  Indulging for a few days always leaves me feeling crappy, but as long as I get back on track, it doesn’t take long to feel back to normal.

Well, another Thanksgiving is here and gone and now we focus on the next holiday!  It will be here soon!  Are you ready?

May your glass always be full,


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