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Week 1 of MM100

Good morning!  It was a momentous week at our house.  David completed the LIIFT4 program!  Just wait until you see his results!  They are pretty awesome!

First, though, I want to talk about my first week of Morning Meltdown 100.  After successfully completing three rounds of the LIIFT4 program, I decided to switch things up and start a new workout program.  This week I was able to complete six workouts.

MM100 Week 1.jpg

I loved LIIFT4 so much and I was worried that I wouldn’t love this new program as much.  I’ll admit that so far I’m still on the fence about this new workout program.  It’s very high energy and fast paced.  Just as I’m getting the hang of the move we’re doing, we move on to something else.  There is a LOT of jumping and my knees just can’t handle a lot of the moves.  As always, though, with the Beachbody workout programs, there is a modifier that you can follow and believe me, you still get just as much of a workout as you do with the full out workouts.

I love the trainer, Jericho, and her energy is contagious.  I also love that there is a live DJ and the music keeps me pumped up.  No workout is the same and so I know I won’t get bored doing these workouts.

I’ve committed to do 100 workouts and the plan is do follow through with that commitment.  I’ve seen so many great results from this program from others so I’m going to stick with it.  LIIFT4 will always be there when I want to do it again.

Now let’s talk about David.  Eight weeks ago when I decided to become a Beachbody coach, he was the first person to say, “Sign me up.”  I wasn’t sure how serious he was at the time, but I should have never doubted him.  Once he makes up his mind to do something, he is all in.  He consistently did the workouts, a lot of times after coming home from a 12-hour work shift, and he followed the healthy eating plan.  Are you ready for his results?

David Before After

Amazing, right?  He’s lost 22 pounds.  His high blood pressure has lowered to normal numbers and the heartburn and indigestion that used to keep him up at night are gone.  I’m so proud of him and excited about how far he has come in just two months!  He’s not done, though.  He has decided to keep going with LIIFT4 and he will continue to stay on the eating plan.

His dedication has definitely helped to motivate me.  It’s so much easier to stay on track with David doing it along with me!  We make a pretty great team!

How about you?  Are you ready to say “Sign me up”?  I’d love to help you! 

May your glass always be full,



5 thoughts on “Week 1 of MM100

  1. Phenomenal results! Is the diet plan really special? I only ask since my husband has issues with acid reflux & heartburn. I always prefer a natural approach. Look at the recent Zantac recall. I have not heard of Morning Meltdown. Is that a new Beach Body program? Looking forward to reading a review.

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    1. The eating plan consists of portion control and eating mainly whole foods, like lean proteins,
      vegetables and fruits. The portion control and cutting back on processed foods is what has helped with David’s heartburn and indigestion, I believe. I think cutting back on alcohol has helped too!
      MM100 just recently became available on Beachbody on Demand! Are you a member?


  2. I am so inspired by your 100 day challenge. I can’t wait to get back to exercising. I showed my hubby your hubby’s results and he is very inspired. That is awesome! Congratulations!


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