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Start Where You Are

Hey you, yes you.  Sitting on the sidelines, watching and feeling frozen, not sure how to get your momentum going.

You’re where you’re at because you’ve developed a pattern that’s comfortable.  You feel like crap, but you’re in a comfort zone.  A routine that keeps your fear and anxiety at a tolerable level.

Or you’re where you’re at because you were sidelined by an injury, or a stressful life event. You had been doing really well with exercise and healthy eating and then, LIFE happened.

Shit happens.  I’ve been where you’re at.  Countless times.  My fitness and health and confidence are at an all-time high for me right now, but I know that could change in a second because shit happens.  It’s life.

The key is to pick up where you left off and just continue forward.  Or if you haven’t even started, just go.  Take a walk around the block.  Then around 2 blocks and then eventually you’ll find yourself walking a 5k, and then running a 5k, and then running a half-marathon or marathon.  Sounds crazy, right?

It is crazy!  I know, I’ve done it!  I started walking, then running, then running long distances!  I was sidelined by injuries, family illness, busy work schedules, but I did it!

And then my momentum stopped. I think it was due to burnout, but I think I also turned 50 and my body started doing weird things, I gained a bunch of weight and I couldn’t get myself motivated to do anything.  I was just a hot mess.  (Literally.  Hot flashes are the worst.)

But I didn’t give up.  I kept trying different workouts until I found something that worked.  I felt like I was starting over, but I finally found a workout program that I’m excited about, my eating is back on track, and I feel so healthy and strong.

You can get there, too.  Don’t give up.  Just start where you are and keep moving forward.  There will be bumps and detours along the way, but you will get there – I PROMISE.

Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do, no matter what else is going on around you.  Do your best to put yourself first because you can’t take care of things around you if you aren’t healthy.


May your glass always be full,



3 thoughts on “Start Where You Are

  1. Amen 🙏. I could so relate & you’re spot on. I think it is key to find what works for you. Not anyone else. My Keto coworkers swear by their diet & I was so frustrated where I was I gave it a 2 month trial run. No, it didn’t work for me. I felt like crap& gained weight. I do far better on a low fat diet with more veggies & fruit & grains. I run but not fast or long. Just what works for me. I am back on track & mentally becoming contented.


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