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Progress, not perfection

I just completed week 4 of my second round of LIIFT4, a Beachbody on Demand workout program that combines strength training and HIIT exercises.  I’m noticing some changes, and I’m pretty excited about it.



I can definitely see some changes in my arms and shoulders!  My core is getting stronger, although it doesn’t seem to be firming up.  But I will get there.  Or not.

Which brings me to what I wanted to talk about today:  progress, not perfection.  I’m going to be totally honest here, guys.  My progress on a normal basis is S.L.O.W.  For every two steps forward that I make, I then proceed to go backwards four steps.  My nutrition is not always consistent (there’s just too much wine, beer, tater tots, and potato chips out there calling to me) and my workout routine isn’t always consistent, either.  I can get on a roll and work out consistently for several weeks, but then stuff comes up to interrupt my routine and I start missing workouts.

It happens.  But you know what?  I keep going.  Missing a workout here and there is not going to completely undo my progress.  It may slow it down, but it’s not going to ruin anything.

Progress, people.  Perfection doesn’t exist.  It just doesn’t.  Perfection is this concept that puts pressure on you and makes you hate yourself when you can’t achieve it.  It makes you a victim of comparison.  You’ll never be good enough because you’ll never look like the “after” in the before/after photos you see on Instagram.  Instead of looking in the mirror and seeing the progress you’re making, you’ll only look at the flaws because you don’t look perfect yet.

I know, because I strived to be that perfect body for most of my life.  Until recently, I’ve never been happy with my body and have rarely celebrated my body and the amazing things it can do.  However, I’m learning to accept my body for how it is, through both the progress and imperfect moments.  I’m getting stronger, my fitness is improving, but it’s a slow and steady journey.  I’m learning to see my body for what it is:  beautiful and strong.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling.


2 thoughts on “Progress, not perfection

  1. This post completely resonated with me. At 56 I am finally appreciating myself. I always thought once I was an “after” life would be good. But I have finally gotten to the point that I began to see myself in a different light and I like how I am. I see the progress instead of the faults. Seeing this way has helped my mental being as well as my physical being.


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