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Meal prepping

Congratulations!  You’ve almost made it through Monday!  I don’t know about you, but Mondays can be rough.  I often play hard on the weekends and so I always feel tired on Mondays.  However, I woke up this morning, got my workout in (it was triceps/chest day of LIIFT4), had some coffee, and thanks to a bit of planning and prepping in advance, had some overnight oats for breakfast and packed a healthy lunch!

I’d be lost without meal planning and prepping.  On the rare occasions when I’ve been too busy to meal prep for the week, I eat crap and feel like crap.  I tend to eat the same meals throughout the week, which makes my life easier, but if I don’t have things already made and ready to go, it’s harder to stick with healthy eating.

I usually do my meal prepping on Sunday mornings.  Here are some foods that I usually prep to have ready throughout the week:

  1.  Salad greens – This one is super easy because all I do is take the greens that I bought at the store and transfer them to a big plastic container lined with a paper towel.  I then top the greens with another paper towel and seal with a lid.  I find that by doing this, the greens will stay fresh all week long.  When I’m ready to have a salad, I’ll whip up a quick dressing and add a protein.  I’ll usually have a salad for dinner 3-4 nights a week.  I’ll also add greens to my protein smoothies.
  2.  Fruit – I wash any fruit that I have, which lately has been strawberries, blackberries, and/or blueberries.  I always add berries to my overnight oats.  Berries are also a yummy snack!
  3.  Tofu – My favorite way to make tofu is to press out the liquid, cut up into small cubes, generously sprinkle with seasoning, and bake until golden brown and firm.  I eat tofu with veggies and a grain, or add to my salads.  Sometimes I’ll just eat it for a snack.
  4.  Beans – I love cooking beans in my InstantPot!  Right now, my favorite bean is peruano beans, but I also love black beans.  I also keep canned beans on hand for when I don’t get a chance to cook the beans from scratch.
  5.  Quinoa or brown rice – I also make this in the InstantPot!  It’s so fast and easy.  Then I have a healthy grain to eat with my meals.
  6.  Vegetables – My favorite lunch is a veggie, grain, and protein bowl, so I always make sure I have roasted vegetables on hand.  I’ll roast a ton of veggies on a large baking sheet.  Did you know that you can roast frozen vegetables?  I can’t always find fresh vegetables in the grocery store that are budget-friendly, so I always stock up on frozen broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans.  These roast beautifully in the oven.

Having all of these foods on hand, ready to eat, helps tremendously with healthy eating.  Although it takes a bit of time to prepare, I don’t spend more than an hour or two in the kitchen.  I put on a podcast or listen to some music and it takes no time at all and is so worth it to not have to put a lot of thought into what I’m eating every day.  I’ve also added prepping my overnight oats to my nighttime routine, so breakfast is ready to eat the next morning after I’ve done my workout.

That’s it!  Simple, right?  It definitely beats stressing over what I’m going to eat, saying screw it, and making poor choices that will make me feel like crap.

How about you?  Do you meal prep or just wing it?

May your glass always be full,



3 thoughts on “Meal prepping

  1. We are twins! I need to show you my FB post from last night so you can see my fridge! I make 5 overnight oats and 5 salads every Sunday and I have them all week. I have my salads at lunch and then at dinner I do a cooked veggie and grain.

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  2. I eat the same meals each week. Although fruit & veggies do follow the seasons. I did not know I can roast frozen veggies. I will need to try that. I like the salad greens tip as mine kind of get the saggy look before the week is done.


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