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Week 4 of LIIFT4

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a nice weekend!  Ours was really busy, but good.  We were supposed to do a bike ride on Saturday morning, but unfortunately, it was raining with forecasted thunderstorms, so we decided to skip.  We ended up spending the day shopping and chilling out.  I bought a couple of new books:

Book haul

On Sunday we went to our local dance studio’s annual recital.  Although our youngest daughter is no longer in dance, it’s the 25th anniversary of the studio, so they did an alumni dance and we got to see Kayla on stage once again, which was really cool.  Also, Kayla taught a couple of classes this year, so we also went to watch her group of students dance.  One of her classes was a group of little guys, and they were so adorable!

It rained ALL. WEEKEND.  It has rained a lot here.  Today we woke up to clouds and a cold wind.  I seem to talk about the weather a lot on this blog, but the weather seriously affects my mood and right now, my mood is a bit blue because we went a whole weekend without being outside.  And next weekend, Memorial Day weekend, is forecasted to be rainy again.  Boo.

On a more positive note, I finished week 4 of LIIFT4!  I’m halfway finished with the program!  I have not missed a single workout so far.  Getting up and working out first thing in the morning has truly been a game-changer for me.  It’s the only way I can stay consistent.  And I may have mentioned this before, but I really look forward to doing these workouts.  No workout has been the same so far and so I haven’t been bored at all.  And I think because I have no idea what to expect (except what muscle groups I’m working on that day), there’s no dread of what’s coming.  Don’t get me wrong, there are certain exercises that I hear the names of and GROAN (the triple bear and swimmers, for example).  But guess what?  The cast of people on the TV working out are groaning, too, so I know it’s not just me.  Joel Freeman, the coach, is extremely motivating and fun, so that helps, too.

As far as noticing any changes, I think it’s a bit soon, but I’ve definitely noticed more muscle in my arms and dare I say, a tiny bit of definition in my abs.  My pants don’t feel so snug around the waist.  My endurance during the HIIT exercises is continuing to improve and I’m slowly increasing the weights.  Push-ups are still hard for me.  I feel like push-ups will ALWAYS be hard for me, but I’m still going to keep trying!

Eating was much better for me this week.  My meal planning was much more on point.  If you’re curious about what I eat, here’s what it looked like last week:

Breakfast:  Either tofu scramble in a low carb wheat tortilla or overnight oats

Lunch:  Tofu or beans, roasted vegetables, and brown rice

Dinner:  Salad loaded with lots of veggies, tempeh or beans

Snacks: Baby carrots, fruit, or a protein smoothie

Tofu scramble

Overnight oats

Meal bowl

That was my week last week.  How about you?  How are things going with your workouts?  How is the weather where you’re at?

May your glass always be full,



2 thoughts on “Week 4 of LIIFT4

  1. We have had our share of rain here. As a matter of fact, it is doing that today. Rain on the weekends makes getting out of the house difficult. We took the ATV’s out the first weekend in May & we got out to our local park for a picnic and walk this weekend. Yesterday was a home day but we spent a good deal of time in the garden or yard. I am consistently running 3 days a week & doing my Total Gym workout 3 days a week. After an endless amount of time I have finally started losing weight. I have hypothyroidism so it makes it almost impossible. I am calorie counting & eating a lower fat diet. I know the rage is Keto but I tried that out of shear desperation and it was a total failure for me. So I am back to what I like. Vegetarian.

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    1. Yep, we have to do what works for us, even if it’s different from the latest trend. I’ve been increasing my protein, but noticed that if I try to cut back on carbs, I get serious cravings. I just can’t live without my carbs! But I have cut back and don’t eat as many as I used to.


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