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Week 1 of LIIFT4

Good morning!  It’s late April, but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from sending us some cold, rainy (and snowy for some) weather yesterday.  It’s still quite cold this morning, but it’s supposed to be sunny and 60 later today, so I may be able to get a good dose of Vitamin D yet this weekend.

Guys, I survived week 1 of a new workout program, LIIFT4:


On Monday, I did chest and biceps; on Tuesday, back and biceps.  Wednesday was a recovery day, for which I was very thankful because let me tell you – at this point, I could barely lift my arms, they were SO. SORE.

Thursday was shoulder day and Friday was supposed to be leg day, but on Friday I went to see the new Avengers movie (it’s so AMAZING!!) and it’s a 3-hour long movie, so I didn’t think that sitting for three hours after doing a full leg workout was a good idea, so instead I took the day as my recovery day and did the leg workout yesterday.  Today is another recovery day, but I think I’ll do a light, low-impact workout and some stretching.

Disclaimer:  I used very light weights the first week.  These workouts are tough and mixed with a lot of HIIT exercises, so I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t want to push or injure myself.  Despite the light weights, though, I got my ass kicked, but I’m looking forward to increasing my weights as the program progresses.

I’m also proud to say that I did these workouts in the mornings before I got ready for work.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I hate working out in the mornings.  However, I know that if I want to be consistent and complete this 8-week program, I have to work out in the mornings.  So I did.  And it wasn’t terrible.  I can do this.  No more excuses.

I also decided to follow the vegan nutrition plan, using the containers that were included with the 21 Day Fix workout program that I purchased a few years ago:


I’ll admit, when I saw how small these containers were back then, I found it quite amusing that I was supposed to use these to measure my food.  I thought I would starve if I followed the eating plan.  How is this possibly enough food?? Of course, back then, I was training for a marathon and running a lot, so I didn’t have to limit portions.

Now, however, I felt like I needed to do something to help me stay on track with healthy, sensible eating.  Surprisingly, the eating program is not much different than what I’ve already been doing, except that I now find it easier to avoid the junk because “it’s not on the plan” and the containers have helped me with portion control.  I don’t feel deprived at all.  I’m even allowed one “cheat day”, as long as I don’t go overboard.

This is definitely a sustainable plan for me, I think.  I’m very excited to see how I progress throughout the next couple of months.

I hope you all had a great week!

May your glass always be full,




6 thoughts on “Week 1 of LIIFT4

  1. I did the 21 Day Fix but wasn’t aware there was a vegan plan. The diet was tough since I eat beans but those were considered carbs & not protein. I hope you will share more on the meal plan. I still have my containers and wonder if with the right meal plan I could drop a few pounds.


    1. Paula, lentils and beans are now considered either a protein or carb on the plan. I’ve been googling 21 Day Fix vegan eating plans and there are lots of recipes out there. For now, I’m just keeping it simple by eating oatmeal with fruit or a protein smoothie for breakfast, brown rice, veggies, and tofu for lunch, and then a salad with beans for dinner. I’m not doing the Shakeology. Hope this helps!


      1. Thanks. I wasn’t sure if the diet would work since I would be consuming beans. I know rice & beans form the perfect protein. Some reading led me to question my diet since a diet high in carbs & grains could have led me to have leaky gut. I eat beans, tofu, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds & when diagnosed with Hashimoto’s that could have been triggered by diet I was sad as I love my diet. I could never do Keto.


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