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New program

Happy Easter to those who celebrate; otherwise, happy Sunday!  Yesterday was a beautiful day weather-wise.  It ended up being sunny and 70 degrees.  My husband and I had to go run errands before we could enjoy the weather.  First stop:  Mellow Mushroom for some beer and lunch.

Beer 4-20-19

This was a lager called Iowa Nice brewed by Lake Time.  Very tasty!

After some shopping, we headed home and sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  For dinner, we grilled and were able to enjoy dinner outside for the first time this year.

Cookout 4-20-19.jpg

I had a grilled Beyond Meat plant-based burger, coleslaw, and air-fried potatoes.  Yum!

I’m super excited because on Monday, I’m starting a new workout and nutrition program.  Shortly before I got sick, I purchased Beachbody on Demand.  I love the Beachbody workout programs and usually purchase the DVDs.  However, I decided to sign up for online access and now I have access to dozens of different workout programs.  I have my own personal online coach who is available for questions and motivation if I need it.  I feel like I have my own gym without having to leave the house!

On Monday, I’m going to start LIIFT4, which is a strength training and HIIT program.  I love that I only have to work out for 4 days a week, and then on other days I can rest, stretch, or do other types of exercise.  The program comes with a nutritional program to follow and there is a vegan version!  I will keep you all updated on how it goes!

The kids are coming over today for an Easter lunch celebration, so I’d better get to cooking!  It’s supposed to be sunny and 80 degrees today, so you can bet that we’ll be spending much of the day outdoors!

Have a wonderful day, and may your glass always be full,


4 thoughts on “New program

    1. I’m really loving Beachbody on Demand so far. I just love having access to all of those workouts! I’m like a little kid on Christmas Day when I scroll through all of the workout programs! LOL


  1. I have done several Beach Body programs. The one that really worked was Power 90. The one before P90X. It was boring but did it change my body. I think Tony Horton was correct that we need both cardio & resistance training. What I liked about it was exactly as they said, from start to shower in less than an hour. I’ve also done T25 but I really got results with Power 90.


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