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Kayla Update

This month has been an emotional roller coaster.  On January 3rd, we found out that Kayla has a cyst on her one remaining ovary.  However, her tumor markers are completely normal, so the oncologist feels that this is most likely a benign cyst and feels that Kayla can just continue to be observed every few months.  Kayla does have the option of a cystectomy, where her doctor would go in and remove the cyst, but there’s always the risk that she could lose her ovary and then she would be sterile.

Kayla opted to go see the infertility clinic and talk about the possibility of freezing her eggs.  That way, if she had to have surgery sometime in the future and lost her ovary, she would still have the option of having a baby.  She met with a specialist a couple of weeks ago and options were discussed with her.  She also found out that insurance will cover the majority of the expensive costs.  That was really good news.

We met again with Kayla’s oncologist yesterday and had a really long discussion.  We’ve had some time to digest the fact that there is a cyst, and Dr. Goodheart explained once again that he is certain this cyst is benign and there is no reason to be concerned at this time.  Therefore, Kayla has opted to just wait and watch.  She will follow up every three months.  She has also decided not to freeze her eggs at this time.  If this cyst is benign, then there’s no reason why she can’t get pregnant on her own in the future.

I think this is a good call and our whole family feels comfortable with this decision.  Kayla has so much to look forward to this year; she is getting married in October, she is building a career and she and her fiancé are looking for a house.  While the worry and anxiety will always be there, I love that she is not letting the fear of cancer take over her life.

Thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes.  Our family would not be able to navigate this journey without your love and support.

May your glass always be full,


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