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The next 30-day challenge

Hey there!  How was your Thanksgiving holiday?  I had a great one!  I took some time off of work and we visited my dad and stepmom down in Branson, Missouri.  We drank some good wine and ate a TON of good food.  I also managed to get in a few walks (there are a LOT of hills in that neck of the woods) and some workouts during my time off.

Thanksgiving Day was spent with the kids and we ate more good food and drank more wine.  And then yesterday we got hit by a major SNOWSTORM and by the time it was done, we had about a foot of snow on the ground.

Whew!  I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

There is no rest for the weary, though.  It’s on to business as usual with work, home, healthy eating, and workouts.  I’ve really missed the challenges I’ve been giving myself, however, so after a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I’ll be challenging myself to do several things every day for the next 30 days.

Do you have things that you know you want to do because they are good for you, but you just can’t seem to make it a habit in your daily life?  You do well for a few days and then life gets crazy and your newly-formed habit goes out the window?  Yeah, this happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.  But I learned something about myself over the last several months:  I am motivated by challenges.  If I tell myself that I have to do something for 30 days, I seem to do really well.  I tell myself that it’s only for 30 days, but usually at the end of the 30 days, I’ve gained a healthy habit, or I’ve learned a valuable lesson on what does or doesn’t work for me.

Eating healthy and working out have become habits in my life.  A major accomplishment, right?  But it’s those little things, like flossing every day, drinking plenty of water, or taking care of my skin that have never stuck.

So for the next 30 days, EVERY DAY, I’m going to:

  1.  Floss my teeth.
  2.  Drink at least 64 ounces of water.
  3.  Dry brush my skin before I get in the shower and then use moisturizing lotion before I get dressed.

Now that winter is here, I think it’s the perfect time to develop these habits.  Hydration and moisturizing are so important, especially in the winter when the air is so cold and dry.

And flossing.  What is it about flossing that makes it so hard to remember to do?  I remember to brush my teeth!  Why can’t I remember to floss?  So I’m hoping this challenge will help me to remember.

Please note that I decided not to do any sort of weight loss or workout challenge over the next 30 days.  It’s the holiday season and I’m just not going to do that to myself.  I enjoyed Thanksgiving without guilt and I’m going to do the same thing for Christmas and New Year’s.  I hope that you’re able to do the same!  Eat, drink and be merry, and most of all, be kind to yourself and others!

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4 thoughts on “The next 30-day challenge

  1. Good luck! You know I love those choices. My sister and her husband got dry brushed before a couples massage they had the other month. We were at the resort with them but we only got the couples massage and not the extra dry brushing. She said it was amazing and so good for you. We just ordered a Berkey Water Filter and got one for our shower too. Your skin is your largest organ and needs extra special care!

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    1. Melissa, I bought a dry brush a couple of years ago and would only use it occasionally. It does feel really good! There are supposed to be so many health benefits associated with it, which at this time of year, I can definitely use! How is your challenge going?

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