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Lean & Strong Mid Phase 2 Update

Hello, everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and that your Monday has been painless so far.  I had a great weekend filled with Netflix binge-watching.  The hubby and I finished The Haunting of Hill House and Godless.  I would highly recommend both shows!  Also, I learned this weekend that a $13 glass of Italian wine is not nearly as good as a $13 bottle of wine from California.  Apparently I’m not a wine snob!

I’m almost halfway through Phase 2 of my Lean & Strong experiment.  For phase 2 of the experiment, I decided to try intermittent fasting for 30 days.

Here is what’s happening so far:

I’m still hungry in the mornings and some mornings I’m still feeling shaky and having a hard time focusing.  I really miss eating my breakfast in the mornings.  Also, I find myself feeling more hungry throughout the day.  My cravings and desire to EAT ALL THE FOOD are present constantly!  I also went back to drinking wine this last week.

Guys, in all honesty, mentally I haven’t been in a great place the last couple of weeks.  The weather is colder and I’m spending less time outside.  Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Lillie passing away.  And Kayla’s six-month follow-up is coming up in a couple of weeks, which always brings anxiety.  Because of the stress and anxiety, I haven’t made the best food choices and I’ve gone back to drinking more than I want to.

Despite all of this, I still lost weight.  So I guess the intermittent fasting has worked as far as weight loss, but frankly, I’m just not sure it’s something that I’ll be able to do long-term.  However, I plan to finish out the last two weeks of the experiment, and then I’ll make a final decision.

Surprisingly, I had an easier time giving up alcohol than I have so far doing intermittent fasting.  My body and mind definitely felt better when I wasn’t drinking.  With intermittent fasting, however, it has been more of a struggle and I’m just not feeling my best.

I’m going to stick it out, though!  I don’t feel like a couple of weeks is long enough to make a determination.  It could be that my body is still adjusting.

Thoughts?  Advice?  Words of encouragement?  I’d love to see your comments!



2 thoughts on “Lean & Strong Mid Phase 2 Update

  1. When I did the FasterWaytoFatLoss intermittent fasting program they had me up my calories to 1520 per day. (I normally try to stay at 1200 so this was a huge difference for me.) And they had me focus on getting the percentages of calories in each category correct. (most days they wanted me to focus on 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein.) I really felt great on the program and lost weight but it was hard to do because I wanted to stay as close to vegan as possible. I found it very difficult to get 30% of my calories from fat unless I was adding oil to my salad dressings and cooking. Feel better soon on the stress and anxiety. No fun at all I know. Sending prayers.

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