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Monday Musings: Health

Hello and happy Monday!  I was just telling someone that I’m tired today, but I seem to be tired most Mondays because I play hard on the weekends!

This morning I woke expecting to not only feel tired, but I figured I’d feel sore as well.  Yesterday I helped my youngest daughter and her fiancé move out of their 3rd floor apartment to a house that they are renting.  It was a lot of lifting and carrying of heavy boxes and trips up and down two flights of stairs!  And then once we got to the house, it was more lifting and carrying, but thankfully no stairs!  Everything went smoothly and we had a great group of people helping out.  When I got home I showered and was pretty tired, but after a short rest, I was good to go!  This morning I woke up feeling normal with no residual soreness or muscle aches!  Sweet!

I’m 52 years old now, and while I often joke about how old my body feels, I feel more and more grateful for my good health and fitness.  I’m grateful that I’m healthy and fit enough to do things like help my kids move.  I’m grateful that I’m healthy enough to play with and care for our 7-year-old grandson, who has TONS of energy!  And I’m excited at the thought of playing with my future grandkids!

I don’t take my good health for granted, though.  I didn’t always take care of myself and I can definitely relate to feeling like crap because of a poor diet, lack of exercise, and dealing with high stress.  I never want to go back to that life!  I love the life I have now, and so I make sure I eat a variety of plant-based foods, stay active, work out regularly, get plenty of sleep, and I just don’t get worked up about things that used to stress me out.

Disclaimer:  My lifestyle is not 100% healthy 100% of the time!  I love wine, craft beer, pizza, chips and salsa, French fries, and dessert!  I just don’t go crazy and have those things all of the time!  It’s all about balance!  Trying to be 100% compliant all of time is too stressful and ain’t nobody got time for that!

Have a great week, and may your glass always be full!


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