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Information overload

We survived the wedding!  It was a wonderful event and I will save the details for another post.  I left my phone in my purse the entire day, so I don’t have any photos to share.  There was a photographer at the wedding, however, so I’ll have some great photos to share some time hopefully soon!

Today I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been experimenting with over the last couple of weeks.  I’m an information junkie, so I love reading all things about diet and exercise.  My inbox and social media feeds are loaded daily with articles, posts, and photos about the latest trends in healthy eating or the latest workouts.  Originally, researching information was really helpful during the beginning of my vegan journey, and also when I first started running and training for longer distances.

Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve also been researching about the best way for me to lose weight – or why I can’t seem to lose weight.  I’ve read so many different articles, and watched a ton of YouTube videos done by “experts”, and I still don’t have the answers.

So you know what I decided to do?

I stopped reading articles and watching videos.  Guys, I was driving myself crazy and was becoming obsessed!  Can any of you relate to the following scenario:

I wake up on Monday and feel pumped up and fired up that today is the first day of my completely 100% healthy diet and exercise program.  By Friday, however, I go out to eat with my husband, have a couple of beers and some fried food, and feel completely crappy about myself.  I’m such a failure.  I scroll through social media at all of these thin, healthy, happy vegans and fitness gurus and start to compare myself to them.  Or, worse yet, I do stay compliant on a plan, but I still don’t look like any of them.  What am I doing wrong???

I decided that enough was enough.  There is nothing wrong with the way I look.  No, I’m not one of those thin, glowing, muscular vegans that I see on my Instagram or Facebook feeds.  But I’m healthy, I can do workouts (and actually enjoy them) without feeling like I’m going to die, and I’m happy with the way I eat (most of the time).

Honestly, I’ve been doing this healthy lifestyle thing long enough that I don’t need to keep reading shit about it.  I know what to do, and most of the time, I do it.  Sometimes I let myself indulge too much, and sometimes I miss too many workouts, but overall, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle.

So I decided to cut myself some slack and stopped comparing myself to others.  All that matters is how I feel, not how others are feeling and expecting to have the same.  What works for some may not work for me.  And what works for me may not work for you.

Taking a sabbatical from the information/advice overload helps prevent me from second-guessing what I’m doing.  I’m more confident in the choices that I’m making for myself because I’m not reading stuff that tells me what I’m doing is wrong.  I’m making choices that make me feel good, both physically and mentally.

Wow.  I can’t even begin to describe how a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Giving myself permission to be imperfect, to stop paying attention to the scale and instead gauge how I’m feeling inside has made all the difference in the world.

Have I lost any weight?  Hell no, but have I started caring less and feeling happier about how I look and feel?  HELL YEAH!  And to me, that’s what it’s all about, right?

P.S.  My husband did have one photo on his phone from the wedding.  I absolutely love this photo because David and I were having so much fun when the photo was taken and it shows on our faces.  It was a great day!




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