Update on 2018 goals

I recently read that this is the time of year when most people have pretty much given up on the goals they set for themselves in January.  Sadly, I seem to be one of those people, although it hasn’t been all bad.

Here were the goals I set, with an update in italics:

1. Start out each morning with lemon water.  I started keeping a pitcher of water with lemon slices in the refrigerator.  Such a refreshing, hydrating way to start out each day!  I’ve actually done pretty well with this goal.  I don’t always have water with lemon ready in the refrigerator, but I’ve been drinking a big glass of water most mornings when I get up. 
2. Follow the Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen plan.  I love this plan!  I received Dr. Gregor’s How Not to Die Cookbook for Christmas and can’t wait to try all of the recipes!  I love Dr. Gregor and I love the Daily Dozen plan and most of what I eat adheres to the plan.  However, like all of the other cookbooks I convince myself that I have to have, Dr. Gregor’s cookbook has gone mostly unused.  Sad face.  I tend to get most of my recipes online and use Pinterest to organize them all.   Yet, I can’t bring myself to get rid of my cookbooks.  
3. Eat out less.  Cook more.  It’s really hard to make healthy choices when we eat out.  Plus, it gets really expensive, so my husband and I are going to cook more at home.  We have been eating out less but I think it’s mainly because my husband has been working a lot more.  I’ve been cooking some fabulous new recipes.  I will post about some of my faves soon!
4. Try a new fruit or veggie each month.  Um, not so much.  The exotic fruits that I’ve never tried are so expensive!  
5. Spend more time with family and friends.  I love to host parties; I want to do this more often instead of just on holidays or special occasions.  Winter seems to have all of us in hibernation mode.  But spring is just around the corner, so we’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors with friends and family!
6. Each month, I’ll give up something that’s not good for me. This month, I’ve given up watching or reading the news.  The news has felt very toxic and has given me feelings of complete and utter helplessness, anger, and frustration.  Therefore, I want to see what happens if I ignore the news for a month.  Stay tuned. I haven’t kept up with this goal of giving up something every month.  But I have cut back on watching and reading the news permanently, which has cut down on my stress and anxiety significantly!
7. Each month, I’ll declutter and organize a room in the house. This month, the room will be the kitchen.  The refrigerator is a mess.  The pantry shelves are a disaster.  I can’t wait for this area to be more organized!  Another goal that I haven’t even started working on.  The year is still young, though. 
8. Be more kind to myself. Instead of beating myself up when I don’t eat perfectly or skip a workout, or something doesn’t go right at work, I will encourage and support myself.  This goal has actually been going quite well, but is still a work in progress. 

How about you?  How are your 2018 goals going?


One thought on “Update on 2018 goals

  1. I really liked this post, Tammy. I like your honesty. I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t set any goals, which in itself is guilt-inducing.
    Like you, I have a cookbook collection, and like you, I rarely use them, and end up doing the Internet thing. Mostly, I cook from my own recipes in my head. If you’re on FB, may I direct you to a great group of vegan friends who share their ideas and experiments with food? It’s called, “Anything They Can Make, We Can Make Vegan”. A local woman who runs the Frog Hollow sanctuary started it.

    If you could see how dirty my maple kitchen floor is right now, you would know just how lazy this winter has made me, and just how much I need spring. Thanks god it’s right around the corner!

    I cull stuff in my house regularly, and have done for years. You won’t believe how liberating it is to clear out stuff and donate or recycle it.

    Oh, and I refuse the news, always!

    Have a great day!


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