Updates on Kali and life in general

Kali has been part of our family for almost three weeks and we still can’t get over what a wonderful dog she is.  She is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  She is very smart and seems to have already caught on to our daily routine.  Because she’s a puppy, she loves to chew and in addition to already going through several “indestructible” chew toys, we also had a little mishap with her bed:


“I don’t know what happened, Mom!  It just exploded!”

Kali and our other dog, Jasper, get along pretty well.  Kali follows Jasper everywhere. Jasper is 11 and most times is just not in the mood for Kali’s energy, but every so often, they will run around and play together.  They also love to beg for a treat together:


“Mom, can we please have a bite of that banana you’re eating?”

David and I are just so happy that we made the decision to adopt this sweet baby.


Other updates:

Last month, I decided to take a sabbatical from the news.  It went so well that I’ve stopped watching and reading the news so much.  In the morning I’ll watch the weather and the top stories and then I shut the TV off and don’t watch anymore news for the rest of the day.  I stopped being a news junkie and I love it!

I purchased two new pairs of running shoes, both of which I have never tried before.  I’ve been wanting to try Hoka running shoes forever and found this pair on sale:


Then I saw this pair of Brooks Launches and just had to have them:


Since we got Kali, running has been hit and miss, but I’ll get back into it.  I signed up to do a half-marathon in May, although I’m not sure if I’ll be able to commit the time to train.  I’ll wait and see how things go with Kali and the wedding planning for our oldest daughter’s wedding!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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