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Farewell blog

The blogging thing has been fun, but it’s time to say farewell.

When I first started the blog, it was a homework assignment for a web design class I was taking.  Blogging was something that I enjoyed doing, and so I’ve been blogging for about three years.

Blogging has been great therapy for me.  It was a way to document my running journey.  It was a way to share my family’s experience with cancer.  And it was a way for me to talk about the benefits and struggles of eating a vegan diet.

However, I’ve lost my desire to blog.  I’m uninspired to write about anything.  Frankly, I’m at a point in my life where I just want to live life and not share it on a blog.

I’ve met some incredible people through my blog and I will forever be grateful.  I also follow some amazing blogs and I will continue to read these, as they inspire me every day.

My life will consist of spending time with family and friends, who are my loves and my treasures.  I will run and bike and work out at the gym.  I will hike and travel and discover new places.  I will drink wine and eat delicious foods and read lots and lots of books.

Because life is good, yes?  And I certainly don’t need to blog for any of us to know that.

Peace and good wishes to you all,

Tammy the Vegan, Runner, and Nerd


8 thoughts on “Farewell blog

  1. Aww, I’ll miss your blogging, but I totally understand. I think it’s been months since I last posted on mine (but you never know when the inspiration may hit again :)) Anyways, I’m glad we’re friends through other outlets because I couldn’t stand to not stay in touch ❤

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