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5 Current Favorite Recipes

Ahhh….Sunday mornings.  I love them, don’t you?


My plans for today include seeing La La Land with my daughters and then everyone is coming over for dinner.  I love when the kids come over for dinner.  The house is full again, as well as the dining room table.

I thought I’d share my five current recipes that I’m loving and making on a regular basis.  I hope that you’ll give them a try and enjoy them as much as I do:

  1.  Slow cooker two lentil chili from thefullhelping.com.
  2. Marinated peanut tempeh from minimalistbaker.com.
  3. Magic beans from bonzaiaphrodite.com.  I skip the oil and use Bragg’s aminos for mine.  I love to eat them with rice and veggies in a meal bowl.
  4. Overnight oats from anotherroot.com.  I love the Almond Joy overnight oats and the Blueberry Muffin overnight oats.
  5. Quinoa (or rice) stuffed peppers from minimalistbaker.com.

All of these recipes are plant-based and simple to prepare.  Mmmmm…..GET IN MY BELLY!



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