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Gym workouts – Week 3

It’s Sunday and it’s snowing!  A perfect day for a rest day, which I have been trying to take advantage of.  It’s 2:18 in the afternoon and I’m still in my jammies!  I finished the new season of Gilmore Girls, and I’m finishing up my food prep for the week.  I’d say it has been a pretty awesome day so far!

I’ve also worked out at the gym for three weeks now.  I really, really love it!  I haven’t lost one single damn pound, but to be honest, I went into this thing just wanting to get stronger and fitter and if I lost some weight, that would be great, but I wasn’t going to be obsessed about what the scale says.  I haven’t really noticed any changes in my body, although I know it’s only been three weeks.  I have, however, noticed a difference in my running.  My endurance and speed have improved, which is very exciting!

The other focus on my life is PROTEIN.  It has been a struggle for me wrapping my brain around this one.  I’ve been eating a plant-based diet for over six years and never felt that protein was an issue.  But then again, I’ve never been concerned about building muscle.  I’ve been totally focused on running long distance and although I’m a slow runner, I’ve been able to conquer every distance I’ve trained for.  Now I’m interested in getting strong and thinking about protein is a foreign concept to me.  I’ve been healthy and active for a long time, so why do I need to worry about how much protein I get?

Protein is a big deal when you are trying to build muscle and your goal is to get stronger and more muscular.  And no, I’m not talking about the huge body-builder type muscles.  I’m just talking about burning fat and increasing muscle mass.  So I’m following my trainer’s advice and increasing my protein intake by drinking protein shakes and trying to find ways to get in more protein.  I’m eating more tofu and beans.  I’m reading labels, scoping for new ways to sneak in some protein.

I’m scared that I’m going to gain weight, but so far the scale hasn’t moved.  So we’ll see.  I’ll give this some more time and see how it goes.  I’m just excited to have new goals, both with workouts and diet.  I was getting bored and complacent.  And trust me, bored and complacent is not a good place to be, especially during the winter and holiday months.

Before I finish this post, I want to give a shoutout to my husband, who has lost 10 pounds since starting workouts at the gym and eating a healthier diet.  Woot!  I’m so proud of him!  I love that working out at the gym is something we can do together and that I’m not the only person in the house now talking about diet and exercise.

Are you an herbivore who does a lot of strength training?  How do you get lots of protein?  I’d love to hear!



8 thoughts on “Gym workouts – Week 3

  1. AFAIK you need to mix the right stuff. I eat brown rice with beans for example which makes a complete protein. I only eat plants and have no issues loosing fat and building muscle. I am not using any shakes or powders …
    It’s easy once you know more about how plant based protein works. Too much type on my phone though. You also do not need to eat it together. Hope it makes sense.

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  2. I do think protein is very important for recovery. Even though I eat vegetarian a lot, I eat everything. So some of the things I’d use definitely wouldn’t interest you.

    Have you ever looked at Scott Jurek’s book? He’s plant based and he runs ultras. I do think it’ more challenging when you’re vegan vs vegetarian (for instance, I do eat quite a few eggs). The good bean makes a protein bar I used to like (chickpeas).


    1. I have read Scott Jurek’s book and should revisit it to see if I can get some helpful tips. I’m currently following Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen plan, which does include several servings of protein, veggies, whole grains, etc. a day, so I think if I follow it religiously, I should be able to get enough protein. I’m also continuing to have a protein smoothie in the morning to start my day.

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