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My first week at the gym

Guys, I survived my first week at the gym!  If you missed it, my husband and I decided to join our local gym and signed up to work with a personal trainer for a few weeks.


I found the idea of going to a gym intimidating and I was really nervous the days leading up to the first workout session.  I was worried that I’d be doing workouts that would be too difficult; that I wouldn’t be strong enough or fit enough to do them.  I was worried our trainer would yell at me and make me cry (I think I’ve watched too many episodes of The Biggest Loser.)

It turns out that the workouts are tough, but not impossible.  There would be moves that our trainer would demonstrate and I would think to myself, “There’s no way I can do that.”  But it turns out I can do more things than I thought!  I found myself pushing a sled across the room, using heavier weights than I’m used to, doing circuits of exercises that were hard as hell and just when I thought I couldn’t do anymore, the trainer would say, “One more time.”  AAAGGGHHH.  But I would do it and I would leave the gym thinking, “I can’t wait to go back and do more!”  I love this stuff!

Our trainer is great.  He’s teaching me the proper form for each exercise (my posture and form suck.)  He’s very patient and very encouraging.  He doesn’t yell, and he hasn’t made me cry.

I’m so happy to be excited about working out again!  My motivation and drive have been renewed!  I think that I’ve been running long enough that it was getting boring for me and I just needed something new.  I think these new workouts will help with my running and who knows, maybe make me faster?  Faster would be good!

Most of all, I’m so proud of myself.  Proud of myself for leaving my comfort zone and trying something new.  Proud of myself for being capable of doing things that I never thought were possible.



3 thoughts on “My first week at the gym

  1. Natalie, I know, right? I always picture trainers being like Jillian Michaels, yelling and screaming at people and making them work out until they puke or cry! LOL Our trainer is nothing like that – thank goodness! 🙂 I think he will push me harder when I’m ready, which is good!


  2. Many years ago I hired a personal trainer. She taught me that I’m stronger than I ever thought I was!

    Sometimes you really do need something new to shake it up, and yes, I totally believe strength training helps with running.

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