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I joined a gym!

It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it?  For me, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster.  For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, this won’t come as any surprise:  I voted for Hillary, so when I woke up Wednesday morning to the news that Donald Trump is our next POTUS, I was shocked and heartbroken.  I cried.  I felt like it was the end of the world.

But do you know what I think I was most heartbroken about?  Scrolling through Facebook on Wednesday and watching the news and seeing all of the ugly, mean, bitter comments and behavior coming from both sides.  I didn’t want to be part of that, and so I’ve taken a break from both social media and the news on television until I could process my thoughts and feelings on this whole thing.  I didn’t want to be reactive because I don’t think that’s productive.

While I may not like it, Trump is going to be the POTUS.  I have no control over this.  All I can do is invest in hope; that things will be okay.  I will continue to behave in the way I’ve always behaved, with love and respect for others.  And you know what?  Most of the people that I know behave in the same way and I’ll bet that most of the people that YOU know behave in the same way, so while we may differ in our political views, our country is not going to implode because we have Trump as POTUS.  We won’t allow it because we’re good people and good ALWAYS overcomes EVIL.  This is what I believe and will always believe.

This is all I’m going to say on the matter and while I always welcome comments on my blog, I do not want to get in a political debate with anyone and I will NOT tolerate negativity, either.  Call me naïve or unrealistic, but I’m surviving in my bubble of hope at the moment.  My blog is a place of love and positivity.  If you want a debate, there are plenty of other blogs out there for you to get your fix.

Now, onto to a totally different subject:  my husband and I joined a gym!  We will have personal training sessions for a while and then will have 24-hour access to a gym.  We’re both really excited about this new adventure!  I’ve never worked out in a gym and have always found the idea intimidating, but now that I’ve met some pretty awesome running goals, it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and work towards some new goals.  Even better, my husband is ready to get healthy and fit, which makes me happy to the core!

I’m still continuing to run, but I’m not training for anything, and have no immediate plans to train for any races.  Training for my last marathon left me with some burnout, unfortunately, but I know at some point, I will have the desire to train for a race again.  Just not now.  But I need something to keep me motivated, so I think that joining a gym couldn’t have come at a better time.

Have a lovely Sunday and upcoming week!  And I’d like to leave you with these wise words from my cat and beagle:


“Hey, humans, if cats and dogs can get along, then so can you!  As long as we look out for each other, everything will be alright!”

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