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18 miles

This past week, I was sick with a cold.  Seriously?  A cold in August?  It kicked my ass.  I didn’t work out at all and it couldn’t have come at a worse time, as I started my new job and I had things planned for the weekend:  an 18-mile run on Friday and a 37-mile bike race on Saturday.

By Friday, I was still feeling pretty miserable, so I rested and decided I’d try to run on Sunday instead.  On Saturday, I did a bike race with some friends.  It was a race called the Courage Ride and raised money for sarcoma cancer research.  It was a rainy, windy day and the course was very hilly and so we only ended up doing 24 miles, but we had a lot of fun and we were satisfied doing the 24 miles.

By Sunday morning, I was feeling a lot better, so I set out for my run.  The temperature outside was nice and cool and so I just took a water bottle with me in lieu of the hydration pack.  I had some Gatorade and extra water at the house if I needed it.  A couple of miles in, I was feeling really tired and I was getting short of breath, even though I was taking it nice and slow.  I was worried that perhaps I was trying to run too soon after being sick and seriously thought about putting off the run until the next weekend.  Ugh.  After a few miles, I stopped at the house for a bathroom break and decided at that point that I was doing the run.  Why put it off?  I might as well just get it done.

I used 1:00/:30 run/walk intervals most of the time, although around mile 13 my legs started cramping up and hurting and so I did :30/:30 intervals until the legs felt better.  My legs felt pretty tired for the last 5 miles or so, but I didn’t hit a wall.  Quitting just wasn’t an option.  It took me 4 hours and 10 minutes to do the run.  Jeesh, that’s a long time to run, isn’t it?  And it will be even longer for the marathon!  Somehow, though, I got through it.

I’m so ready to be done with training; I just want to do the marathon!  I texted my older daughter yesterday and told her that if I ever talk about training for another marathon that she should slap me!  She told me, “Nope!”  Damn her.  LOL

I still have a couple more really long runs to get through before the actual marathon, but I can honestly say that marathon training has improved from the first time.  I’m biking a lot and I think it’s helping with my leg endurance.  I’m being a bit smarter with my nutrition.  I’m listening to my body and adjusting my training accordingly.

But the biggest thing that is different this time around is my motivation and inspiration.  When my brain is telling me to stop, when my legs are screaming at me that they are too tired to go on, I think about Kayla and what she went through last year.  I think about what David and I went through watching her go through that hell.  I think about loved ones who have gone through cancer and survived.  We all found the strength to survive.  So when I feel like quitting during my training runs, I tell myself that I’ve been through worse, that I can survive a few hours of running.  My legs might hurt, but it’s temporary.




5 thoughts on “18 miles

  1. One of the persons in our group that I’ve run with occasionally is training for her first marathon, and she had 18 miles this weekend, too. Apparently she’s regretting jumping up to a full, but then, I think most people tend to feel that way training for their first full marathon!

    I think 18 miles would take me longer than 4 hours. I really don’t know. I might ever know. Good for you for getting it done!

    Motivation is really everything — why else put your body through all that?

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