14 miles on treadmill

Happy Monday, my friends!  This past weekend was HOT.  And HUMID.  God.  It was the kind of weather that almost made me nostalgic for winter.  Almost.

I had a 14-mile run slated for the weekend.  There was no choice for me but to do it early Saturday morning, as we were watching my daughter’s boyfriend’s 5-year-old little boy and he was going to stay with us through Sunday evening.  I set my alarm for 5:00 a.m. Seriously?  Who sets her alarm on Saturday mornings for 5:00????  Crazy runner lady, that’s who.  Anyway, when I got up to let the dogs out and opened the door to outside – wow.  It was already oppressively hot and humid outside.  I think the local weather reported around 80 degrees with the humidity.  At 5:00 a.m.  Crap.

Skipping the run was not an option and so I decided instead of trying to brave the heat and humidity and risk my health, I would run on the treadmill.  Running 14 miles at my pace takes around 3 hours.  Let that sink in.  3 hours on…..the…..treadmill.

I did it.  I watched two documentaries on Netflix and at mile 13 had to stop and walk at a crawl because I felt like I was either going to pass out or puke, but I got my second wind and finished the last mile.

And I finally earned this medal:

Race medal.jpg

A few months ago, I signed up for a virtual half-marathon.  Proceeds from the race went to an organization working to stop puppy mills.  The race period passed and I never ran it and so the medal sat in its original mail package, unopened.  Now, however, it is hanging with my other earned race medals.  Win!

This next weekend I’m running the Bix, a 7-mile race in the Quad Cities.  I love this race.  Last year I missed it because Kayla was in the hospital, so I’m excited to be back!

How about you?  What crazy things do you do as a runner?


7 thoughts on “14 miles on treadmill

  1. I think I’ve maxed out at 8 on the treadmill, and it’s actually been a really long time since I’ve done more than 5 (or even 4). But then we aren’t 80 at that hour of the morning (just mid 70s) — great job getting it done!

    I think the craziest thing I ever did was shovel like 10″ of snow off our very large driveway and then go out and run around 10 miles — partially in yaktrax. I did the driveway first because I knew I’d never do it after my run.

    Or the couple of times I’ve been caught out in thunderstorms . . .

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    1. I had a fall once on the ice and sustained a concussion and so now whenever it’s snowy or icy outside, I run on the treadmill! 5 miles is usually the longest run I do, however. I’ve been caught out in the rain before, but never a thunderstorm! Scary! Thanks for sharing! I like hearing that I’m not the only crazy person! Ha!

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      1. Wow, you & Laura both! I’ve only fallen once so far & it wasn’t in winter, but if it’s messy I’ll stick to the treadmill.

        I didn’t set out in thunderstorms, but it’s happened more than once.


  2. You ARE a crazy runner lady, but I do admire your fortitude. I run up and down the stairs with baskets of laundry, does that count?
    Well done Tammy! I hear ya on the almost longing for winter.
    What docs did you watch on Netflix?


    1. Laundry – ach! I’d almost rather run on the treadmill! Ha! I find that watching sports documentaries inspire me to keep going. I watched a documentary about CrossFit first – you want to talk about crazy people? Those people are crazy! And then I watched a documentary about a bicycle race that is over 4,000 miles and crosses part of the United States. Seeing those people push themselves to finish something like that: it’s inspiring and keeps me from quitting.

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