Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Happy Tuesday!  It was my birthday yesterday, and it was a BIG one – I’m 50 years old, guys!  Or as a few people reminded me, half a century years old.  Yeah, thanks for that perspective.  Seriously, though, I will continue to view age as a state of mind, and I can promise you that I feel no where near 50 years old.  Thank you healthy lifestyle!

Speaking of healthy, I recently discovered a recipe for vegan alfredo sauce that I could seriously eat every day.  It is damn good.  Last night I used it with some thin whole wheat spaghetti, along with some zucchini and broccoli that I received in my CSA and roasted in the oven.


This even got the thumbs-up from the carnivore husband, who doesn’t normally like Alfredo sauce!  I’m so happy there are leftovers to eat for lunch over the next couple of days!  Winning!

Marathon training continues to go well.  I honestly think that not going overboard with EATING ALL THE FOOD and not using training as an excuse to eat all the junk food is helping a lot.  I am still struggling with feeling hungry all of the time, now that my mileage has increased.  I’m trying to increase my carbs and proteins by adding more potatoes, nuts, rice, and avocado in my diet, but to be honest, my weekends lately have been crazy busy and I haven’t done a very good job of food prepping and planning and so there are days when I’m struggling to find good food options.  I really need to get better about that.  I’ve been biking more, which has been a great cross-training exercise and I think it’s helping to make my legs stronger.

This past weekend, I did a Color Run on Saturday and then I did a 12-mile run on Sunday morning.  The Color Run was a lot of fun, and the 12-mile run went well, although I took it really slow because it was the longest run I’d had in probably a year.  I was feeling strong at the end of the run, so that was really encouraging.  I’ve learned to take things a lot slower during the long runs.

That’s what’s happening with me right now!  How is your week going?

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa


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