I know, I know….where have I been?  The month of March seems to have quickly passed by and these are the things I’ve been up to lately:

  • Putting together my Chicago marathon training plan
  • Starting a new workout program called the 21-Day Fix; I’m currently in week 2.  I’ll write a blog post when I finish to let you know results and my thoughts on the program.
  • Spending time with family

The reason for today’s post, however, is to send out an apology for anyone who feels like I’ve been trying to push my lifestyle onto them.  When you get excited about something that works really well for you, that has completely changed your life for the better, you just want to tell everyone about it and you want everyone to do it, also.  And you know what?  Just because something works for me and is a perfect fit for me doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone else.  We’re all different.  We all do things at our own pace and our own way.  My way isn’t necessarily the right way.  Wait, I take that back.  It is the right way – for me.  But maybe it’s not the right way for you.

Talking about diet and exercise is like talking about politics.  We’re all never going to agree on what’s the best way!

So I’m sorry if I made anyone feel like you have to do eat the way I do, or work out like I do.  I post things because my hope is to inspire, not make others feel badly about themselves.  I share my life with you because I want to help others adopt a healthier lifestyle.  But my intention is certainly not to push my lifestyle on you and invade your own sense of self.

I gotta be me, and I gotta just let you be you.  We are all awesome in our own way, right?


6 thoughts on “Apology

  1. No need to apologize. You are a person with a life of her own. I am not vegan (although I do eat a lot of meatless meals) and I don’t think that you are being pushy about it.

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    1. Thanks, Natalie, I appreciate you saying that! I do worry that I sound like I’m lecturing or judging sometimes, though, and I’m definitely working on that! Even if I don’t say things out loud, I still feel like some of the thoughts I have are judgmental, so I’m practicing accepting people for who they are. My intentions are good in that I care about people and just want them to be well, but I have to accept that they are on their own journey and know what’s best for themselves. ❤


  2. I don’t think you’ve ever sounded pushy or judgmental. I do agree that you’ve gotta be you, and this IS your space to speak freely about whatever you feel like. Of course, I could be biased since we have the same beliefs 😉 ❤

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  3. You have no reason to apologize. I catch myself being judgy sometimes too. It’s human nature. I think your fellow vegans completely understand what you mean. We just so badly want others to come to the same realizations that we have. But this is YOUR little corner of the web! You speak your mind freely and without regret!


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