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Chicago Marathon – I’m in!

Guys, it’s official!  My registration for the Chicago Marathon is complete!  I guaranteed an entry by signing up with a charity group.  I chose Imerman Angels, a group that provides one-on-one support for cancer victims and their families.  Going through Kayla’s cancer was horrible, but we had a lot of support from family and friends.  Can you believe that there are people who battle cancer who don’t have anyone?  Or just don’t have the support that they need to fight their disease?  It breaks my heart to think of anyone battling cancer alone.

I’m so excited and honored to run on behalf of this charity.  As part of my guaranteed registration, however, I’ve agreed to raise $1250.  And this is where I insert my shameless plug and beg all of you out there for donations.

Pretty please

Wuv you

Here is my donation page:

My training will start later next month.  And I won’t be doing the marathon alone!  My friend, Charlotte, and I will be virtually training together and will do the race together.  Hooray!  I can’t wait!  I’m so excited (and a bit nervous, too!)  But I can do this!

Courage for Kayla and for all of those who are fighting cancer!

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