A few vegan things

Happy Monday!  Frigid cold temps here where I’m at; I’m craving warm sunshine.  It’s the time of year when I get sick with a cold, the winter blues start setting in, and I question why I don’t quit my life here and start over in a warm, tropical paradise.  The good news is that spring is only a couple of months away, so I’m bundling up, reading quite a bit, catching up on some of my favorite TV series via Netflix and eating lots of soup.

And running, of course.  Even though I’m still recovering from this cold I have, I managed to run 5 miles on Saturday.  I really wanted to run 6 miles, but was pretty happy that I was able to get to 5.  It’s a bit hard to breathe when you’re running with a cold!

I just wanted to share a few products that I’m currently enjoying before I start my day:


As a vegan, it’s difficult to get B-12.  Non-dairy milks and nutritional yeast are fortified with B-12, but I don’t eat enough of these things to get in my B-12, so just to be on the safe side, I take a supplement.  I also started taking vitamin D because I don’t get much sunlight this time of year.


It’s important to me to use products that are cruelty-free; that is, products that don’t have animal ingredients and aren’t tested on animals.  I’m trying this shampoo and conditioner that I ordered from Vitacost.com.  They smell amazing and don’t leave my hair feeling dry and frizzy.  Vitacost offers a ton of vegan products and you can get some really great prices.


Finally, one of my favorite breakfast meals is toast topped with avocado.  I love the Silver Hills sprouted grain breads.  They are vegan, organic, and super healthy.  I just keep the loaves in the freezer and take out a couple of slices at a time to pop in the toaster.  Delicious!

Have a wonderful week!

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